Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Submitted by: Donald Hank

A nuke in the Panama Canal?
I don’t know whose it is, but at this moment, there is a BIG sub passing thru the Canal here. A guy posted a video of it on Whatsapp. He is calling it a nuclear sub but who knows? Anyway, it is really big. It is carrying a red and white flag, possibly with blue on it – not unfurled, so not sure if it belongs to the US, the UK or Russia. Perhaps it was supposed to be spotted to scare the Russians, who knows?

Not sure about this one, but…
We do know that the US has been defending the Saudis with our military since the 70s in exchange for their propping up our pitiful USD, so it is plausible that they may have paid our government to help them murder Houthis. VERY plausible. This latest bribe could help explain why Trump was so quick to strike the Shayrat air base and kill some heroes who were involved in the campaign against ISIS.
You may be rightfully cautious because of that false report of an ultimatum from Iran and Russia to the US that appeared recently in an Iranian papter. But that report was from Fars News. This is from Tehran Times.

Chemical weapons in Iraq
After seeing this, can we still hold to the narrative that Assad is gassing his people?

Look what an Israeli author has written in Haaretz:
The support for Saudi Arabia and the war against Assad can have only one interpretation: support for terror. All the minorities that were massacred or fled Syria had lived in peace and security under the Assad regime. In Assad’s Syria, there is no religious coercion and minorities were not required to pay a jiziya tax because they weren’t Sunni Muslims. The ethnic and religious minorities enjoyed total freedom of worship, and the churches and non-Muslim houses of prayer flourished.
Yet Israel supports this terrorism. It is a satellite of the evil empire, the United States. Whoever supports Saudi Arabia supports the murder of Coptic Christians. Whoever defends Qatar has their hands covered in the blood of Coptic worshippers. Whoever fights Assad wants to exterminate the Christians from the Middle East.
Folks, this article and others like it that I have seen from non-aligned Arab countries, signal a major change. The US is odd man out with its absurd diatribes against Mr. Assad. People everywhere – else – are waking up.
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White House Intel assessment is no such thing
The N Korea threat could be over now. US needs war…

why Assad did not gas anyone

The U.S. administration has now established a similar mechanism, on a larger scale, of direct military U.S. support for al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Syria.
Trump is the third U.S. president in a row who promised less belligerence during his campaign only to deliver more after the election. The "democratic" veil of the U.S. oligarchic rule thus rips further apart.
Tillerson cowed in Russia

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