Thursday, March 16, 2017


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Federal judge in Hawaii blocks Trump’s new travel ban

The people elected President Trump because he promised to enact these very policies. How is it some autocratic leftwing judge in Hawaii can undermine the will of the American people and issue a nationwide halt to the President's urgently needed immigration order? The job of a judge is to enforce the law (whether he likes it or not). It is not to make law, legislate or activate from the bench. Our enemies will exploit the actions of the enemies among us who care nothing of our security and only of their failed ideology.  

Vermont: Mayor who plotted in secret to flood his town with Muslim migrants LOSES reelection bid

Last May, Louras’ secret plan came to light in the Boston Globe, which said: “Louras made no apologies for excluding the public from the planning. If the proposal had been floated earlier, the mayor said, the debate would have become ‘about them’ — meaning the Syrians, their culture, and possible links to terrorism — instead of whether the city had the means to accommodate the refugees.”

PHOTOS: EUROPE TERROR CACHE SEIZED 10,000-weapon arsenal including howitzers, machine guns, grenades

POLICE last night revealed an arsenal of more than 10,000 weapons destined for the hands of terrorists around Europe.

Coalition Against Hinduphobia Stage Huge Protests Against CNN and Hatemonger Reza Aslan

Hundreds of Hindu-Americans in different cities in the United States of America, including San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, New York, Atlanta and Washington DC, led protest marches against Reza Aslan's TV show on CNN which the Hindus believe, perpetuates Hinduphobia.

WATCH CCTV footage: Muslims BREAK WOMAN’S NOSE AND CHEEKBONE, beat, abuse her

These are the consequences suffered by the population when government quislings and leftwing elites import a savage culture into a civilized society. The dreaded "Asians" strike again. Leftwing-speak for Muslims. I feel sorry for real Asians - they're libeled daily now.

Muslim who named his son Jihad threatened to SHOOT DEAD French judges with a Kalashnikov

More of the fruits of Muslim immigration. A French court sentenced an Afghan migrant to 18 months in jail for threatening to kill magistrate judges, local prosecutors said. His wife is an ISIS. His son is Jihad.  

WATCH: IDF soldiers dressed as Muslim women grab Muslim terrorist

Three undercover soldiers from an Israel Defense Forces counterterrorism unit, two dressed as Muslim women, drove up next to an Muslimterrorist stuck in traffic and pulled him out of his car as other drivers remained in their vehicles.

A First: US Asks Jordan to Extradite Sbarro Pizza Jihad Terrorist “I’D DO IT AGAIN TODAY”

Thank you, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Muslim terrorist Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi's victims included 13 Israelis, one pregnant American, and one Brazilian, all of them civilians. 130 were injured.

Harvard’s Fake Guide to Fake News by Fake Professor from Fake University

The Geller Report, The Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, Powerline, Breitbart News, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Free Beacon, Independent Journal Review (IJR), Pajamas Media, The Blaze and The Weekly Standard all make the fake news list by a fake professor from a fake university. One more deranged leftist professor engaging in libel and lies is hardly new. But Harvard released this ludicrous list as their new research guide

REPORT: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee ask Tillerson to investigate Obama funding FOREIGN Soros groups

This could get really good. George Soros and Barack Obama go bacl a long way. There's a lot of there there.

Zuhdi Jasser’s assistant attended Garland jihad shooters’ mosque in Phoenix

AIFD's Community Outreach Coordinator is or was a member of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, the mosque attended by the jihad terrorists who attacked our American Freedom Defense Initiative free speech event in Garland, Texas on May 3, 2015.  

In Defense of Geert Wilders

Whichever way the dust settles following the outcome of the Dutch general elections on March 15, would it not be wise to heed Geert Wilders' warning, and resist the impinging tidal wave of Islamisation?

Michigan: Iraqi Christians file federal lawsuit to stop construction of mosque in their neighborhood

"A reasonable observer would conclude that this favors the adherents of Islam over those who are not adherents of Islam."

Jerusalem: “Palestinian” Muslim stabs two Israeli Border Police officers

The stabbing took place overnight Sunday at the officers’ post in the Old City near the Lions’ Gate.

UCLA pays profs $1,000 EACH to teach anti-Trump workshops

The University of California at Los Angeles has paid at least six professors up to $1,000 each to teach anti-Trump workshops during the Spring semester alone.

Mattis withdraws Obama stooge and terror supporter Anne Patterson as choice for undersecretary of policy

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has withdrawn retired senior diplomat Anne W. Patterson as his choice for undersecretary for policy after the White House indicated unwillingness to fight what it said would be a battle for Senate confirmation.

MSNBC’s Maddow MOCKED on Trump Tax Return Claim: TRUMP PAID HIGHER TAX RATE [25%] than MSNBC COMCAST, much higher than OBAMA [19%], BERNIE [13%]

This is rich. Rachel Maddow, the thick-necked mouthpiece of the left-wing authoritarian tweeted out that she gotten President Trump's tax returns. But the claim is not what it appears to be and funnier still, Trump paid a higher tax rate than his detractors and accusers.

SHARIA STATE: Germany plans to fine social media sites over “hate speech” and “fake news”

Here comes Germany's new era of fascism. Germany has a death wish. It is destroying itself yet again.

300 police officers raid mosque and hotspot for jihad terror

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the Muslim faithful our soldiers…”

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