Thursday, March 16, 2017


Trump Approval Ratings Skyrocket Despite Liberal Resistance Movement

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McDonald’s Twitter HACKED! Nasty Anti-Trump Tweet Sent from Corporate Account

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Trump Wiretapping Evidence to be Submitted to House Committee in Near Future

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A True Story from Planned Parenthood
Social Media Uses Fake Accounts To Push “Fake News”
Turkish Foreign Minister Has Dire Warning for Migrant-Heavy Europe
The War On Religion’s Newest Battlefield: The Head Cold
Rumors of Hillary Running For Office Get Boost From New Report
Donald Trump’s Swamp-Draining Budget Makes Minced Meat Out of Federal Gov’t
VIDEO: Nashville Crowd Spends Solid Minute Berating Hillary in Unison
Meddling Maryland Judge Makes Fuss Over Trump Travel Ban
More Terror in Paris as Letter Bomb Targets IMF, One Injured
Will a “Surge” in Syria Succeed?

TV Deprivation
News You Can Use for March 16, 2017
Texas Congresswoman uses taxpayer money to insult our intelligence
Rachel Maddow Blames Her Viewers for Gigantic Trump Tax Story Flop
Snoop Dogg Affiliated Rapper Proposes Disgusting Role for Melania Trump
Snoop Dogg Being Eyed By Secret Service for Trump Assassination Video
Amy Schumer Blaming Donald Trump For Her Unfunny Netflix Special
John McCain Has Gone Off The Deep End with Russian Accusations
U.S. to ISIS in Mosul: Leave Now or Die
Is The Right to Tweet Protected By The First Amendment?
Uber Liberal Pundit Forced to Admit That Trump Tax Release Behooved President
Whoa. Lou Dobbs Calls on Paul Ryan to Resign
2nd in Command at FBI Did NOT Disclose his Clinton Connection
Senator Rand Paul wants to “Smash” Obamacare Lite
Feminist Protesters Perform Graphic Mock Abortion on the “Virgin Mary” Murdering “Baby Jesus”

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