Monday, March 13, 2017


Fake News Media Reports non-documented Russian Allegations against Trump - We have Actual Documentation on the Crimes & Corruption of Hillary Clinton

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Asset Forfeiture: "This System has led to egregious and well-chronicled abuses!"

Russian Military Expert Viktor Baranetz: 'We Are Quietly Seeding The U.S. Shoreline With Nuclear Mole Missiles'
Danish Teen Discovers WWII Plane Crash and Remains of Pilot
Shots Fired at Ferguson Liquor Market after Fake News CNN Broadcasts Highly Edited Michael Brown CCTV Footage
Kremlin Confirms Team Clinton Met With Russian Ambassador

Senator Rand Paul Introduces "Stop Arming Terrorists Act"

Marines in Syria: Continuing the Project New American Century Objectives
The Education Boomerang Theory: A False Flag of Dismantling the US Department of Education Is Raised
Trump Administration Fires Prominent Obama-Era Attorney Who Refused To Resign
The “OMG Russians” Witch Hunt, a Super-Secret New O-care Bill, and Scary Movies That Are Coming True
Harvard Smears Virtually Every Website That Isn't Hard-Left
Assad Calls New US Troops Deployed To Syria ‘Invaders’
Facebook Muslims Call for Dissolving Woman's Face in Acid for not Wearing Hijab in Picture
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Editor Dies In DC After Getting Hit By Bicycle
Idaho Oldtimer Constructed Ideal “Underground Home for Less Than $50”

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