Friday, March 17, 2017


FAKE NEWS: Trump is NOT Killing Meals on Wheels Program

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Donna Brazile No Longer Protecting Clinton, Admits Debate Collusion

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Liberals Lambast Paul Ryan Over Pour Head on Pint of Guinness

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Donald Trump Takes The Axe to Sanctuary Cities in New Budget Proposal
Fellow Gangster Rapper Comes to Snoop Dogg’s Side, Defends Mock Assassination of Trump
Secret Service Reveals Details of White House Fence Jumper
VIDEO: Meghan McCain LOSES HER MIND Over Chelsea Clinton Running for Office
Rex Tillerson Not Ready to Rule Out Military Action Against North Korea
Yet Another Massive Slip-up By The Secret Service!
Twitter Bans Anti-Feminists for being Politically Incorrect
Kid Rock’s American Bad*ss Grill Blows Away the Chinese Competition… Literally
Lou Dobbs says “Drain the Swamp” and Stop the “Deep State” from Undermining Trump
Democrats Love Socialism so Why Don’t they Move to Venezuela?

Mainstream Media Blows Smoke
President Trump Helps Bring Thousands of New Jobs but Media Focuses on Wiretaps
Popular TV Actor says If He could Go Back in Time He’d Kill Hitler… or Trump
IRS Fast Tracks Satanists’ Nonprofit Application
Must See Video: Can “Friends in Safe Spaces” Win Song of the Year?
A Holy History of St. Patrick and His Day
Planned Parenthood and the Three Percent Myth
Arizona is Pushing Back on the Federal Reserve’s Monopoly on Money
To Kill Apologies
Loose Toddler Aisle 3
News You Can Use for March 17, 2017
New evolutionary theory sounds strangely biblical
Here’s the List of “Best and Worst” GOP Members of Congress
McCain says Rand Paul Working FOR Russia, Paul Replies McCain is “Past his Prime”
Senator Rand Paul SLAMS Bernie Sanders for NOT “Paying His Fair Share”

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