Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Democrat Congressman Arrested Protesting Immigration Enforcement in Chicago

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Did Michael Brown Conduct Drug Deal Hours Before Antagonizing Police?

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Founder of Home Depot says Trump has “Guts” could be One of Our “Best Presidents”

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Russians Just Outed Hillary For Ambassador Meetings DURING Campaign!
Eco Terrorists Carve Up Trump Golf Course Green To Protest President
Muslim Girl in Hijab Dances, Muslim Men Call Her Foul Names and Threaten to Kill Her
Repeal NOT Repair!
CNN only has “Technical Issues” when Conservatives are On
Scottish Leaders Prepare Push for Independence from the UK
There is One Way to Avoid Another American Civil War
ACLU wants Local Law Enforcement to Ignore President Trump’s Immigration Orders
Which Would You Choose? $19 a Month to Save Dogs and Cats, or Humans?
The United Nations has ALWAYS Supported Socialist and Communist Leaders
News You Can Use for March 13, 2017
The Shadow Knows…
Putin Spokesman says Russian Ambassador met with the Clinton Team during the Campaign Too
It’s Time for President Trump to FIRE Everyone from the Obama Era
College Students want Freedom of Choice for Liberals and Muslims but NOT Christians [Video]

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