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Subject: Your (Delayed) Morning Intelligence Brief (March 14th, 2017)

March 14th, 2017

Ed Note: Sorry for the delay, Yahoo experienced a worldwide meltdown of sorts for several hours, according to the current status map. http://downdetector.com/status/yahoo-mail/map/

The featured article today (Seal Team 6 to take-out N. Korean Leader) has been afloat for a couple of days, a complete contrast to President Trump's statement concerning secrecy about military plans. Either it was leaked by those still lingering within the "Deep State" or a direct threat against the little N. Korean dictator. Obviously, nothing is going to take place with some type of raid by Navy Seals, since the  "Munchkin-un" will take all precautions while stepping up his security forces for any type of raid from the south. A simple guided missile would do the job, but the hype to organize a U.S. led military raid against N. Korea is minimal at the very least. Possibly the propaganda is meant to cause "Munchkin-un" to react by launching more missiles towards Japan. In any event, the notion that Navy Seal 6 Team is (still) fully intact is a misnomer since most of the original team that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden were killed in a very strange event by which a Navy Seal Team 6 Commander ordered a full team to board one single Chinook helicopter that was promptly shot down immediately after lifting-off during a mission in Afghanistan. According to statements, it is very unusual to place a complete team on one helicopter. Possibly a remote accident, but strange in that....the shoot down happened within a few months of the bin Laden raid of which absolutely no evidence has ever been provided to media of the individual tossed-over the side of a Navy Aircraft carrier being that of Osama bin Laden. No evidence whatsoever, but many Seal member(s) allegedly were beginning to talk. CIA leaks around 2001 stated that Osama bin Laden was killed at Tora Bora. but "Bush wanted to keep him on ice" until it was politically advantageous, of which Obama took the credit.---Dave Bertrand @bertranddave1   

Today's Featured Article

(source: ThePowerHour.com )

US Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 Prepare To Take Out Kim Jong-Un, Practice Tactical North Korea "Infiltration"

Zero Hedge - On March 1, the WSJ [Wall Street Journal] reported that the options contemplated by the White House in response to recent North Korean acts, include "the possibility of both military force and regime change to counter the country’s nuclear-weapons threat."…. And, according to a report in [South Korean news agency] Yonhap, said "regime change" may come far sooner than expected: the South Korean website writes that U.S. special operations forces, including the unit that killed Osama Bin Laden, will take part in joint military drills in South Korea "to practice incapacitating North Korean leadership in the case of conflict", a military official said Monday…. The U.S. Navy’s Special Warfare Development Group, better known as the SEAL Team 6, will arrive in South Korea for joint military drills and take part in an exercise simulating a precision North Korean incurion and "the removal of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un", according to the Ministry of National Defense Monday…. As Korea JoongAng Daily adds, also set to touch down in South Korea is Delta Force, a special mission unit of the U.S. Army whose main tasks include hostage rescue and counterterrorism, said the Defense Ministry. Together with SEAL Team 6, they will practice removing Kim Jong-un and destruction of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction…. F-35 stealth fighters will also fly from U.S. Navy bases in Japan this month and carry out strike simulations on key North Korean facilities…. Washington and Seoul stress that the annual military drills are purely defensive, although Pyongyang sees them as a rehearsal for an invasion.


Health-care spending more than doubled since 2001; projected to keep growing

The Sustainability of Health Care Spending in Canada, 2017
By Fraser Institute - Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - Full Story

The 100 year betrayal of Israel by the West

The driving force behind all these betrayals is the desire on the part of the West to appease the Arabs due to their 300 million population, their oil and gas exports and to their one billion co-religionists. It matters not, what the facts, history
By Ted Belman - Saturday, March 11, 2017 - Full Story

Manitoba should join Saskatchewan neighbour to oppose Ottawa’s carbon tax

A carbon tax won't help the environment, but it will hurt farmers, Manitoba agriculture, and the entire provincial economy
By Canadian Taxpayers Federation -- Todd MacKay, Prairie Director, CTF- Saturday, March 11, 2017 - Full Story

Now Pushing U.N. Agenda 2030 with Social Engineering of the Elderly

Just another attempt to herd human beings into tiny spaces in order to control land use, mobility, and urban sprawl, all Sustainable Development goals.
By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh - Friday, March 10, 2017 - Full Story

Palestine: PLO humiliated for denying free speech and elections

Organisers established a new political entity to represent Palestinian Arab diaspora communities
By David Singer - Thursday, March 9, 2017 - Full Story
Francois Fillon was placed under formal investigation on Tuesday over allegations he misappropriated government funds, Reuters reports. The news was reported by Le Canard Enchaine and RTL, which claimed the charges were related to suspicious activity that would have benefited his wife Penelope.
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Trump has given unprecedented power to the CIA to expand its killing program and launch drone strikes against targets, drone strikes that have no legal obligation for public disclosure and do not require the the approval of the Pentagon.
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A ruling by the European Union's top court on Tuesday, which allows companies to bar staff from wearing Islamic headscarves and other visible religious symbols, has set off a storm of complaint from rights groups and religious leaders. With its first ruling on a hot political issue across Europe, the Court of Justice (ECJ) has found that a Belgian firm which had a rule barring employees who dealt with customers from wearing visible religious and political symbols "may not have discriminated" against a receptionist dismissed for wearing a headscarf.
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The EU is facing an existential crisis and does not look like it will survive the massive political and financial challenges it is faced with. This has ramifications for investors in the EU itself and globally as the collapse of one of the world's largest trading blocs will badly impact already fragile global economic growth and increasingly "frothy" looking financial markets - particularly stock and bond markets.
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Though Churkin’s death, in and of itself, may not be enough to arouse suspicion, the fact that five top Russian diplomats have died within 60 days of each other has led some to cast doubt on the State Department’s stated reason for wanting to keep the cause of Churkin’s death hidden from the public.
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After millions of dollars and untold amounts of hype, the GM Lobby’s favorite crop is demonstrating itself to do the opposite of what it was allegedly intended to do. As evidenced by a new study, Golden Rice, which was engineered to produce the precursor of vitamin A (carotenoids) has shown extensive abnormalities in growth as well as reduced grain yield.
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A federal judge ruled Monday that the Department of Justice may withhold records on its rules for spying on journalists without a warrant. The Freedom of the Press Foundation sued the Department of Justice in July 2015, claiming it failed to disclose Freedom of Information Act-requested documents on guidelines for its warrantless surveillance of journalists. The records were sought after The Associated Press revealed in 2013 that the Department of Justice seized two months of at least seven journalists’ phone records to try to find the source of a leak about a foiled terror plot.
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The UK House of Lords just dispensed with the stalling on #Brexit and passed the EU Withdrawal Bill. All that’s left to leave the European Union is for the Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 – which could come as early as tomorrow, though sources at Downing Street say that’s unlikely to happen until the end of the month.
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The Predator is dead; long live the Reaper. The retirement of the antiquated Predator drone MQ-1, which is to be withdrawn from service in July and replaced by the more capable MQ-9 Reaper, is giving military analysts an opportunity to review the mixed history of a weapon that has long been associated with low-cost war, a sense of disembodiment from conflict, and for inflicting a high number of civilian casualties.
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The war of words between Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and far-right populist Geert Wilders exploded in a face to face debate on Monday as Wilders called on Rutte to close the Netherlands’ borders. “You are being taken hostage by [Turkish President] Erdogan. Close the Dutch borders,” Wilders told his top rival, Rutte, during the 30-minute televised debate. “That’s a totally fake solution,” Rutte retorted, hitting back at Wilders’ suggestion that the Dutch borders should be shut.
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Those urban regions that pursue decentralized, networked, localized solutions will likely prosper as the adaptive advantages of these principles pay self-reinforcing dividends. In yesterday's entry, I suggested that rather than bemoan the inevitable failure of centralized "fixes," let's turn our efforts to the real solutions: decentralized, networked, localized. To commentators such as Richard Florida, decentralized, networked, localized describes cities.
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How the Liberal-Left Establishment Exposed their Strategic Position A fundamental truth which has emerged since the election of Donald Trump is that the cultural divisions between the left and right have become more pronounced. Though it is possible that the elite establishment which controlled Western nations for decades has been pulling the puppet strings of both ideological positions, the election of Trump has taken back control of the right Republican Party in America and subsequently the nation.
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Most Americans do not understand this, but the truth is that the Federal Reserve has far more power over the U.S. economy than anyone else does, and that includes Donald Trump. Politicians tend to get the credit or the blame for how the economy is performing, but in reality it is an unelected, unaccountable panel of central bankers that is running the show, and until something is done about the Fed our long-term economic problems will never be fixed. For an extended analysis of this point, please see this article. In this piece, I am going to explain why the Federal Reserve is currently setting the stage for a recession, a new housing crisis and a stock market crash, and if those things happen unfortunately it will be Donald Trump that will primarily get the blame.
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Private Banks – Not the Government or Central Banks – Create 97 Percent of All MoneyWho creates money?
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In its report on the “world’s worst corporate tax havens” last December, Oxfam rated Luxembourg in 7th place, behind Bermuda, Cayman Islands, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, and Ireland. But the “City of London,” a largely autonomous square mile within London where the threads of global finance meet, was given a special mention: The number one “unexpected absence” from the list of the top 15 worst tax heavens
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A California state court has dismissed a legal challenge by multinational agribusiness firm Monsanto that seeks to bar the state from adding glyphosate, the lead ingredient in the company’s Roundup herbicide, to a list of cancer-causing chemicals.
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A little-known, visionary biotech company is gearing up to release a potentially ground-breaking medical device that could help prevent strokes. It could help save six million lives a year—or a life every 4 minutes. The unique new technology is the Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS), by CVR Medical, and its futuristic system is designed to sense the leading indicator of strokes in only 2 minutes, and at a cost that will make it affordable and accessible to everyone.
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Someday your grandchildren will ask you where you were when the EU was close to collapse - when the globalist experiment went full retard and Wilhelmed it's way over the cliff into Oblivion. Consider the following an EU death rattle from a Senior Policy Fellow at the Soros Open Society sponsored European CFR
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In California, the poor growth and development policies that have resulted from a lack of vision have led-to and are continuing to lead Californians down a path of unsustainable growth and a widening gap between the demand and availability of critical resources, especially water. This gargantuan problem is augmented by a growing financial crises in California as evidenced by an out of control and growing debt problem. All the while, many elected officials in the State along with Governor Jerry Brown are thumbing their noses at the Fed and losing Federal funding for cities that obstinately insist on violating long-established immigration laws. Of course this too is not helpful to the growing State debt, which elected officials will certainly cast-off onto the weakening shoulders of taxpayers using a combination of direct tax increases and other legislative and regulatory ploys that also amount to taxes and less money in the pockets of the People.
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Turkey Says "Migrant Deal Has Ended", May Unleash Millions Of Refugees
As we noted moments ago, the tit-for-tat aggression resumed its escalation between Turkey and the Netherlands, with Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus exclaiming from Ankara that "Europe's politicians are under fascist, neo-nazi influence" and in response, Turkey will suspend all high-level diplomatic meetings and cancels all flight permissions for Dutch politicians.

Proposed law would fine Facebook up to €50 million for hate speech

Chicago Tribune          Congressman Gutierrez, activists stage sit-in at Chicago ICE office
U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez and a delegation of activists and lawyers have staged a sit-in at the regional offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement after their demands were not met during an hourlong meeting Monday with agency officials. -- Gutierrez met with ICE's acting regional director Monday morning to discuss immigrants living illegally in the Chicago area and around the nation. The meeting was Gutierrez's first with ICE officials under the Trump administration, and he hoped to get details about the agency's enforcement policy as well as to advocate against deportation orders for several detained immigrants........


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