Friday, March 10, 2017


Ex-Clinton Labor Secretary Pushes Liberals to Impeach President Trump

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Obama Half-Brother Shares FAKE Kenyan Birth Certificate for Barack Obama

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Fake News: ‘New York Times’ Again Caught Lying About Radical Muslim Terrorism and Trump’s New Travel Order

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This Will NOT End Well
Expert Guest on News Show Interrupted by Hilarious (and Cute) Kids
2 Dead as Chaos Erupts in South Korea – President Forcibly Removed from Office!
Fox Sitcom Plays Out the Death of Trump’s Entire Cabinet!
Hillary Gender Swap Experiment Crushes Liberal Worldview
Obamacare Repeal Gives Trump, Republicans, Democrats Opportunity To Compromise
News You Can Use for March 10, 2017
Zoo Hunters
Even super-smart scientists suffer lapses in logic
Was Obama’s Original Kenyan Birth Certificate Found? Is it a Hoax? Fake News?

Leftist Voting Rights Agitator Convicted of 35 Counts Of…

Rex Tillerson To Stay Mum on Keystone Pipeline, Recuses Self
Samantha Bee Has Gone Too Far in Her Mocking of Cancer Patient
Imprisoned American in Iran Pleading to President Trump for Help
Bill Clinton Drops Doomsday Language While Subtly Trashing Trump
Crooked FIFA Takes Aim at Donald Trump Over Travel Ban
Possible Terror Attack in Germany
Trump’s Hard Stance on ISIS Paying Off, BIG TIME
Trump Could Make This HUGE Move on North Korea
Paul Ryan Admits – We’ll NEVER Fully Repeal Obamacare
TBS Late Night Host Mocks Young Conservative with Brain Cancer
Liberal CNN Pundit Admits Trump is “Driving Liberals Crazy”
Hungarian Leader Praises President Trump says His Foreign Policy is “Good for the Whole World”
This Company Beat CNN, Helped Trump Win, and Now the Media is Freaking Out about their Next Venture
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