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Subject: Alternative News Radio and Websites Under Attack

March 10th, 2017

Ed Note: The Power Hour provides a daily report of the latest news via a newsletter you can sign-up for at . Infowars also has a daily email report, but for some reason, the report is delivered maybe once every two weeks. Because of the on-going attempt to shutdown "Alternative Media" radio shows, email reports are very important. I have tried to forward The Riley Report, but spam filters set-up by Yahoo don't allow an easy forward. Below is today's (example) of her news reports. --Dave Bertrand  (Twitter) @bertranddave1 

Drones threatened nuclear facilities Washington Times - Drone aircraft recently carried out unauthorized intrusions over Air Force and Navy nuclear facilities, and the incidents pose a growing threat, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command disclosed to Congress Wednesday. Gen. John E. Hyten revealed the drone threats in written testimony before the House Armed Services Committee for a hearing on nuclear deterrence. Currently, the Navy and Air Force are planning to deploy counter-unmanned aerial system defenses that Gen. Hyten said will “effectively detect, track and, if necessary, engage small UAS vehicles.” The commander said protecting U.S. nuclear forces and facilities is a top priority…. The Air Force Global Strike Command, which handles security at nuclear sites, is purchasing electronic equipment capable of disrupting the signals that control drones.

U.S. Military Prepping For Migrant Crisis In Month-Long Drill
Off the Grid News - The U.S. military is preparing for a massive wave of migrants from the Caribbean as part of a multi-million dollar training drill at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The exercise this month, called Operation Integrated Advance, is scheduled to last all of March, cost around $2.5 million and involve 400 troops as well as personnel from the State Department and Department of Homeland Security, The Miami Herald reported. The military is keeping the operation secret and denying the media access to it. The idea is to prep for a migrant crisis in which hundreds or thousands of Cubans or people from other nations cross the ocean to the United States. “This year’s exercise scenario focuses on a potential mass migration in the Caribbean,” a statement from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reads. “The primary objective is to protect the safety of life at sea and to deter mass migration using organic DHS forces reinforced by other federal, state, and local assets and capabilities.” During the operation, troops will practice rescuing, capturing, processing, housing and taking care of migrants.

TRUMP White House Pushes Back Against Mitch McConnell on Tax Cuts
The GatewayPundit - Just as many Trump supporters feared, it looks like the Ryan-McConnell Republican Congress will not be able to push the Trump agenda through the House and Senate. They are just unwilling to do the will of the people…. Townhall reported: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday morning tax reform isn’t going to be done by the August recess as President Trump and Treasury Secretary Munchin have suggested. “I think finishing on tax reform will take longer,” McConnell said during a POLITICO Playbook breakfast. “We do have to finish the healthcare debate, up or down, win or lose, before we go to taxes.” But the White House is strongly pushing back on McConnell’s increased timeline, with Press Secretary Sean Spicer saying the August deadline for a comprehensive tax overhaul still stands. “I think we feel confident that we’re going to get a lot done,” Spicer said.

President Trump Makes Congress Look Bad – 34 Executive Actions to 4 Signed Pieces of Legislation from Congress to Date
The GatewayPundit - When the President released his plan for the first 100 days, he wasn’t kidding and Congress is nowhere near able to keep pace with the President. President Trump has signed 34 executive actions that include banning immigration to the US from certain terrorist nations; protecting law enforcement; enforcing regulatory reform; helping the coal industry; beating ISIS; nominating a new US Supreme Court Justice; building a border wall; completing the Keystone pipeline from Canada; and, killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership…. As Americans struggle with financial challenges due to Obamacare and a burdensome Federal tax regime, Congress continues to work with no sense of urgency.
* Related: Video: Tucker Asked Paul Ryan Why Congress Is Only Working 8 Days Next Month. His Response Is Worth Watching

Washington, New York And Oregon Sue To Block Trump's New Travel Plan
Zero Hedge - Just a three days after Trump signed a new and revised travel ban executive order on Monday, his old nemesis, Washington state announced it will file a restraining order against the revamped travel ban, a move which, in a replica of the first immigration order fiasco, foreshadows a new legal showdown between the administration and a wave of challenges to the controversial executive order. Washington is not alone: Oregon and New York will join with other states are expected join the lawsuit in the upcoming days, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Thursday during a press conference. Washington state's announcement comes just one day after Hawaii became the first state to sue Trump over the revised travel ban. A hearing on the suit is set for March 15, the day before Trump's revised travel ban is scheduled to go into effect. According to NBC, Washington state will ask that a temporary injunction issued last month by a federal judge on Trump's initial executive order apply to the newly revised travel ban. If again upheld, this would block federal employees nationwide from enforcing the travel ban.

Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 103 Percent
Breitbart - Illegal aliens assaulted nearly 250 agents since the fiscal year began on October 1, a report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed. The report details assaults of 242 agents through the end of January – up from 119 assaults during the same period in FY 2016. The report indicates an increase of 103 percent, officials stated…. Punishment of criminal aliens assaulting Border Patrol agents is rare, according to National Border Patrol Council officials. When prosecutions happen, the penalties handed down are often low compared to the punishment for assaults on other law enforcement officers. An exception to this occurred last week, when a U.S. citizen in Laredo, Texas, received a sentence of 235 months (19 years and seven months) for assaulting an agent while smuggling drugs, Breitbart Texas reported.

Five-Time Deportee Faces Fatal Crash Charges in ‘Sanctuary’ California
Breitbart - Estuardo Alvarado, 45-years-old of Mexico, was allegedly drunk when he slammed into the back of Sandra Duran’s car in southern California, leaving Duran dead at the scene of accident from blunt force trauma, according to the LA Daily News. Federal authorities said Alvarado was speeding away from another car crash when he hit Duran’s vehicle and is now being charged with five felony counts, which include murder and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. The illegal immigrant pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. Authorities also revealed Alvarado’s history of criminal activity and re-entering the U.S. despite being deported multiple times. Alvarado was first deported in 1998. Prior to his first removal, Alvarado was charged with more than 20 felonies and misdemeanors, including possession of a weapon, drug dealing, and trafficking. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the LA Daily News that Alvarado will deported when he is let go from prison. For the Duran family, cracking down on illegal immigration is already too late.

Illinois Bill Would Authorize Gun Confiscation Without Owner’s Input
Breitbart - Illinois Senator Julie A. Morrison (D-29) is pushing a bill that allows judges to confiscate guns without input from the firearm owner. This is part of the continuing effort to fight gun crime that gun control has failed to stop in Chicago and the rest of the state. SB 1291 would create a “Lethal Order of Protection” whereby the firearms of Illinois residents could be confiscated if a family member or “law officer” files a petition stating the gun owner “poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having … [a firearm] in his or her custody or control.”… Once an order is issued, the firearm owner must “(1) refrain from having in his or her custody or control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving additional firearms for the duration of the order; and (2) turn over to the local law enforcement agency any firearm, Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, or concealed carry license in his or her possession.”
World News
Defiant Iran Conducts More Ballistic Missile Tests; This Time From Naval Vessel
Zero Hedge - As tensions between the U.S. and Iran continue to mount, the semi-official news agency Tasnim is reporting that Iran's Revolutionary Guard has successfully conducted yet another ballistic missile test, this time from a navy vessel. Called the Hormuz 2, these latest missiles are designed to destroy moving targets at sea at ranges up to 300 km (180 miles). Reports on the latest test quotes Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC's Aerospace Force, who confirmed that "the naval ballistic missile called Hormuz 2 successfully destroyed a target which was 250 km away." The missile test is the latest event in a long-running rivalry between Iran and the United States in and around the Strait of Hormuz, which guards the entrance to the Gulf. About 20% of the world's oil passes through the waterway, which is less than 40 km wide at its narrowest point.

China urges US to stop hacking other countries following #Vault7 release
RT - Beijing has called on the US to stop its hacking practices against China and other countries, following a WikiLeaks release which reportedly exposes the CIA’s extensive hacking capabilities and lists Chinese routers as targets. ‘We urge the US side to stop listening in, monitoring, stealing secrets and internet hacking against China and other countries,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said during a Thursday news conference, as cited by Reuters…. Beijing has long been on the receiving end of hacking allegations from the US and other countries.

Malware expert says ‘fingerprint’ switch shows past attacks blamed on Russia, China are work of CIA
RT - Following revelations that the CIA can reportedly attribute its hacking activity to others, an anti-virus expert has said that attacks previously blamed on others are now attributable to the CIA, according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. News that the CIA could make its malware look as if it derived from Russia, China or other actors emerged as part of WikiLeaks’ ‘Year Zero’ data release on Tuesday. According to the leaked information, the CIA’s malware allows the intelligence agency to not only steal hacking techniques, but also to leave false “fingerprints” to make it appear as if others were responsible for the attack…. The WikiLeaks founder also warned that because the technology hides its origin its completely open to being abused without consequences. “There’s absolutely nothing to stop a random CIA officer, or contractor, or liaison agent working for the British, using that technology against whoever they like for whatever reasons they like,” he warned.

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