Saturday, February 11, 2017



John McCain Just Announced A Jaw-Dropping Family Milestone... It's Official
Posted by Jeff Demers
... no special sympathy for her ... Read more…

HAUNTING: Anti-Trump Resistance Leaders Reveal The REAL Reason They're Protesting... Wow
Posted by Andrew Kerr
"We will control the streets." Read more…
Watch: Mike Pence Makes Sudden LGBT Announcement... Supporters Caught Off Guard
Posted by Norvell Rose
"... part of who this president is." Read more…
BREAKING: Trump Loses Top Admin Pick At Worst Possible Time, Reason Why Says It All
Posted by Jack Davis
"Life is too good and too short." Read more…

WATCH: Krauthammer Reveals The 1 Thing Trump Needs To Do After Travel Ban Gets Blocked
Posted by Jack Davis
"... it’s his judgment to make." Read more…

In Wake Of Court Defeat, Judge Jeanine Reveals What Will 'Give Trump The Win' In The End
Posted by Randy DeSoto
"This is not a close one." Read more…

Federal Judges Substitute Their Judgment For That Of The President
Posted by William J. Olson, P.C.
Late yesterday, the three-judge motions panel of the Ninth Circuit, in a per curiam order,... Read more…

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