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San Diego Hot Immigration News! Border Fence, ICE Raids, and Targeting Sanctuary Cities - 3 Items

These are exciting and historic times.  This is the best enforcement of our immigration laws and borders that we’ve seen in at least 30 years!  Donald Trump was the right choice for America!  And his team of strong and competent national security leaders (Sessions, Kelly, Mattis) is amazing!  Keep the pressure on all your elected officials to cooperate with and follow federal law.  We the People will accept nothing less.

DHS Secretary John Kelly visited the San Diego border yesterday and said the fence works! 
On Friday, Mexican authorities reported the discovery of another tunnel, though it did not reach the U.S. Asked about that discovery in light of the goal of the Trump administration to build a wall along the entire Southwest border, Kelly said it was a sign of how effective the barrier that has been built so far is.
“I would argue the fact they (drug cartels) are spending huge amounts of money to tunnel underneath the wall tells you they can’t get through it,” he said. “That tells me the barrier, and the people who patrol it, are very effective today.”
His visit came on a day swirling with rumors and reports of increased immigration enforcement sweeps in Southern California and other areas of the country.
In San Diego, there were reports of sweeps in Vista that ICE denied. In a statement, the agency said that “rumors currently being circulated, primarily on social media, claiming the agency is conducting widespread traffic stops throughout northern San Diego County are completely baseless.”
In addressing the reports, Kelly said, “The people who ICE apprehended are people who are here illegally — and then some.”
He said he got an up-close look at ICE enforcement Friday before 6 a.m.
“I went out this morning on two what they call knock and talks,” he said. That is when officers go to homes of suspects, knock on their doors and ask for consent to enter.
“Went to one house, knocked on the door, and took a particularly bad individual, a male into custody,” Kelly said. A visit to a second home yielded two more arrests, he said. 
“ICE is executing the law,” he said….
KUSI Special, Feb. 5th – The San Diego Secure Border Fence with razor wire.  Duncan Hunter Sr. and local Border Patrol Union Rep. Chris Harris discuss this model secure border fence for the rest of the southern border!  21 foot ladders will not defeat triple strand razor wire!
Rep. Duncan Hunter will deny Federal Funding to any sanctuary cities in his district!  Make sure YOUR Congressman does this too.   If all good Congressmen did this, the rogue, left wing, alien-loving cities all across the country would lose all their federal funding and they’d drop their sanctuary policies real fast.
Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

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