Sunday, February 12, 2017


The Alt-Right is WRONG and Conservatives should Stay Away

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Fake News: ABC and NBC Scaremongering on the Dangers of “Ghost Guns”

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Future Baseball Hall of Famer calls Massachusetts Senator “Lieawatha”

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Casual Rape Talk Is Okay Now (As Long As You’re Talking About a Conservative Woman)
Why the Left Has Ignored Christian Persecution and Genocide
President Trump is Wrong about Civil Asset Forfeiture
Riots in the Streets: is this our New Normal?
You Can Thank Karl Rove and Obama for Judicial Tyranny
The Left Shows Its Intolerance To Senator Tim Scott
Why do Democrats Hate School Choice?
Watchdog Files Suit to Find Out What Kind of Loans the US Government is Giving Refugees
CNN Hosts Whine about Being Called “Fake News,” after Months of Calling Conservatives “Fake News”!
House Republicans Moving to End Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood

Ha! Russia wants an Apology from Bill O’Reilly

Could President Trump Suspend Portions of Dodd-Frank Law?
Democrats: the Masters of “Alternative Facts”
News You Can Use for February 12, 2017
What are Trump’s Options on Immigration Executive Order?
Mexico Worried about Economic Impact of Illegal Immigrants Deported from the U.S.
Virginia Bill Will Protect Christians Who Believe in Marriage
Why do Ethics Violations Only Apply to Trump’s People, Not to Obama’s?
British School Teachers: Stalin Was Not That Bad
Voter Fraud Is Not a Fake News Story! [MUST WATCH!]
Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Debate Obamacare on CNN
Breaking: After Ruling Against Trump Immigration Order, 9th Circuit may Reconsider their Ruling
Has the “Audit the Fed” Movement Gotten New Life under President Trump?
House Votes to Slap Down BLM Attack on Free Speech
Liberal Lawyer says Trump will Win Immigration Case at Supreme Court

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