Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Ted Cruz Caught Beating Up Feeble And Defenseless Old Man

Hopefully it won't be a career-ender but the facts speak for themselves. For no apparent reason, Senator Ted Cruz started beating up on an old man last night and when brave journalists came to old man's defense and tried to hold Cruz off... Cruz just kept on beating the old man......

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Drudge Report: White House Says Wait On ObamaCare Repeal

But let's be real for just a moment here folks; the White House is not delaying the Repeal ObamaCare train, the real culprits here are the cheats and liars that call themselves Republican leaders in Congress...

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Republicans Push Carbon Tax At Hush-Hush White House Meeting

And now it looks like Republicans may succeed in doing the very thing that Barack Obama could not accomplish... the very thing they blocked him from doing... will grassroots conservatives oppose a carbon tax now that Republicans are behind it?..

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First 'Transgendered' Boy Joins The Ranks Of The Boy Scouts

Joe Maldonado put on a Cub Scout uniform on Tuesday night as he became a member of Pack 20 in Essex County while his mother held back tears — one week after the Boy Scouts of America changed its national policy to allow transgender children to be scouts...

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