Wednesday, February 8, 2017


President Trump Released a List of 78 Terror Attacks The Media Hopes You Ignore

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Democrat Leader says We Don’t Need Evidence to Impeach Trump
Two Liberal Leaders seem to be Going Insane
Hamas Bomb Maker Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine
Bloomberg No Different than Putin & Russia in Interfering with Elections
12-Year Old Attacked for Supporting Donald Trump
Protesters Intimidate Republicans on Obamacare [VIDEO]
“Transgender” Man Moved Back to Men’s Prison for Having Sex
Liberal Intolerance in the Trump Presidency [VIDEO]
Liberal Media Deadlier than Venomous Snakes
Cartoonist who Accurately Predicted Everything in 2016 Cuts ties with UC Berkeley

Today Show Anchor Unwittingly Reveals Major Surgery

The Muslim Plot to Colonize America
Democrat Senator says Putin is “Pulling the Strings” of the Trump Administration
Fake News Alert: How the Liberal Media Overstates “Mass Shootings”
Russia Demands an Apology from Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly
Poll Shows Majority of Europeans want ALL Immigration from Majority Muslim Countries BANNED!
For Liberals Hate Trumps Free Speech
News You Can Use for February 8, 2017
Breaking: VP Pence Casts Deciding Vote to Confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education
Promised Tax Cuts: Where Are They? [VIDEO]
Europe Plagued by Gangster Islam – America is Next [VIDEO]
UN May Begin To Treat Religious Freedoms As Privileges Rather Than Rights
Paris Agreement Relied on Fake News: No Surprise [MUST SEE!]
Katie Couric Unknowingly Admits Embryos Are Human while Trying to Push an LGBT Agenda
Are You Ready for a New Carbon Tax?

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