Thursday, February 16, 2017


President Trump has had a hard week so far. The media has been ruthless. It’s pretty bad. They aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore. It’s frankly disgusting... [Read more]

Support Trump’s economic plan to create jobs and lower taxes! Trump’s policies would create 25 million new jobs, raise the economy 4% each year and introduce the largest tax reductions for the middle class... [Read more]

In regards to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation, Mr. Cummings said: “Something is wrong here. Madam Leader, just this morning Flynn tweeted – and this is a quote – ‘scapegoat.’ He basically described himself as a scapegoat.” [Read more]

AN AMERICAN TV host got into a bust-up with a fellow journalist and accusing him of being “un-American” over accusations Donald Trump’s team have ties with Russia... [Read more]

Wow, the liberals and liberal media just doesn’t get it do they? The more they pound Trump with lies after lies, the more his approval rating continues to go up up up!  [Read more] 

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