Thursday, February 16, 2017


Black Racist Trump Haters Calling for White Genocide

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Sheriff David Clarke Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration, Liberals Freak Out

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Repeal Obamacare? Donald Trump May Have Already Done It!

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Is Obama’s Shadow Government Real?
MUST SEE! This Democrat Leader Says Intelligence Community Is Attacking Trump White House
Gangs, Not Guns, Cause Death of Chicago Toddler
Workshop At the University Of Cincinnati: White Fragility
New Report Proves That Obama’s Homeland Security Chief was as Inept as Hillary Clinton
Oroville Dam and the Grand Canyon
Liberals Demand that Rib Festival Drop Country Singer for Performing at Trump’s Inauguration
The Devil and Betsy DeVos
Impeach Trump? Democrats and their Double Standards
South Dakota Bill Protecting Faith Based Child Placement Agencies Set for Hearing

Liberals aren’t Ignorant: They Just Know So Much that Isn’t So!
Repeal of Obama’s Gun Control is on it’s Way to President Trump’s Desk
President Trump Explains the Real Scandal with the Flynn Resignation
What We Need to Do to Reform the Tax Code
New Report: The Intelligence Community is Withholding Vital Information from Donald Trump
Who’s the Obama Era Traitor Hiding in the Trump Administration?
Whose is Bigger?
News You Can Use for February 16, 2017
MI Teachers NOT Fired Over Obscene Game About Students They Would “Marry, Fu**, or Kill”
Federal Courts Can Be Transformed by Donald Trump [VIDEO]
Trump’s Opportunity to Reshape America’s Legal System
Ruler Judges Wrecking America
Muslim Professor Shows the Difference Between Western Thought and Muslim Thought
Standing for Life and Against Infanticide
Interview with The Resurgent’s Steve Berman: Casinos coming to Georgia

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