Thursday, February 9, 2017


Arab Given Bail after Threatening to Kill Cops & Carry Out Mass Killing
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Granting Asylum to Muslims from Terror Prone Regions is Dangerous and UnAmerican
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African-Americans Speak Out Against Elizabeth Warren to Defend Jeff Sessions
House Democrats’ IT Contractors Under Investigation for Multiple Crimes
Will the Flames From the Iranian Missiles Seal Obama’s Lips?
Are “Bias Response Teams” destroying Free Speech on College Campuses?
We Don’t Need Tax Reform, We Need Tax Cuts!
Black Rifle Coffee Calls Out Starbucks on Refugee Hiring
Conservative Congressman Introduces Bill to ABOLISH the Department of Education
Liberal Leader Shut Down and Silenced for Slandering Fellow Senator
Shock News: FBI Agents Pretended to be Journalists to get Evidence in Bundy Ranch Case
Rahm Emanuel Tells Democrats They Won’t Be Coming Back AnyTime Soon

Chuck Schumer 2013: “Every President Deserves His Choices” for Cabinet… (Except for Republicans)
Liberal Media Calls Trump “Divisive,” but Obama was a “Unifier”
Obama: the Late, Fake President
[Breaking] Senator Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General
Promise Keeper
News You Can Use for February 9, 2017
Two New Shocking Polls Prove the Democrats are ALL Wrong
Democrat Leader says We Don’t Need Evidence to Impeach Trump
Two Liberal Leaders seem to be Going Insane
Hamas Bomb Maker Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine
Bloomberg No Different than Putin & Russia in Interfering with Elections
12-Year Old Attacked for Supporting Donald Trump
Protesters Intimidate Republicans on Obamacare [VIDEO]
“Transgender” Man Moved Back to Men’s Prison for Having Sex
Liberal Intolerance in the Trump Presidency [VIDEO]

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