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Subject: California and Arizona Illegal Alien Raids Underway
February 9th, 2017
By Dave Bertrand (DC8JetMan2003@Yahoo.Com)
A major law enforcement sweep in California yielded a substantial amount of arrests of Mexican Cartel human traffickers of the sex slave trade.
Governor Jerry Brown is not mentioned in the report as directing these sheriff's, under Homeland Security involvement, and blows- a-hole in his latest statements that federal intervention would not be welcomed while basically declaring the entire State of California as a "Sanctuary State."
This latest raid is a pivotal point for California to either get with the Trump program or allow illegal aliens and Cartel from Mexico to operate with the help of Jerry Brown. Trump has warned all sanctuary cities that federal funding will be withheld if they harbor illegal aliens that have "committed felony crimes."
In Phoenix, a similar raid is underway with the round-up of illegal aliens that committed crimes and were (asked) to deport themselves, a typical order by judges with so-called compassion for those arrested and released by Homeland Security. Both Phoenix and Tucson have always been known as "Sanctuary Cities," but now they say they are not ! Can't lose that federal funding !
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his illegal alien immigration raids, caused his many years as sheriff to end because the new sheriff in town persuaded voters that Phoenix would NOT go after illegal aliens.
President Trump is wasting no time by mobilizing the new Homeland Security into action by going after any and all illegal aliens that committed crimes, as simple as using someone else's identity, to work illegally....and were deported (on paper) and/or "failure to appear."
One report this week by all local Phoenix television stations....a mother of a DACA (protected) daughter was arrested by Homeland Security and taken to a Phoenix Detention Center after the mother failed to deport herself back to Mexico after being tried and convicted for a felony of "identity theft," a crime that would lock you and me up immediately. Instead, she decided to "hide in the shadows" of Phoenix with the political promise that she would not be arrested, because "Sheriff Joe Arpaio was no longer a threat."
Lopsided justice? You bet....and is just as stupid as allowing ANY illegal alien smuggling "less than 500 pounds" of weed across the Mexican/Arizona border, a free pass back to Mexico ! Officials say, "it's because prosecutors can't handle the case load."
First of all....a mule trafficker only carries about 50 to 60 pounds on their back, and they all go back to Mexico (if caught in Arizona), unless there are other extenuating circumstances involving weapons or prior deportations. If you are a U.S. Citizen (American Citizen) and you get caught at the border with an ounce of weed, you could serve up to 3 years in prison.
News propaganda stations in Phoenix are desperate to appease the socialist Left by showing a crying (DACA) daughter as her mother is escorted into the detention facility in Phoenix and because she didn't come-out, the media went ahead and said "she is obviously being deported."  NO...not true, she will get another hearing and maybe will be allowed to stay, but that doesn't stop the propaganda value of the story to further demonize the Trump administration when Obama did the same thing.
There will be more sweeps coming and media will find the most "touching" stories, but something has to be done to (at least) balance justice for everyone, instead of giving a pass to those illegally inside the United States.
Again in Phoenix...a 7 year old child was hit by young woman, driving without a license, fled the scene, leaving the child injured....lying in the street. She later turned herself in, and the media was extremely careful about the woman's status in the country.
Because of the uncertainties about illegal aliens and their future.....hit and run accidents are common in Arizona and other areas where their status in the United States could put them back across the border.
It's a no win situation for either side on the immigration issue and it is NOT "net zero" numbers game....another lie by FakeStream Media suggesting border crossings are zero, but a growing situation that has to be dealt with no matter how sad certain situations will be presented.
The same DACA daughter in tears about her mother being arrested, participated in the protest (outside the detention facility) with the same group(s) that want socialism in America.
You can't have your cake and eat it too ! 
The raids in Arizona and California are a prelude to what Homeland Security (I.C.E.) have plans for implementation to remove felons from the United States. But...unless the border is completely secured, they will continue to return.
It's a revolving door at the border and (in my estimation) will require the militarization of the the estimated 5,000 new hires for U.S. Border Patrol. The "Wall" will help....but not without manpower.
During my time on the border, it was revealed by USBP agents, the Obama (Homeland Security) were providing the Mexican government with our coordinates of where (we) set-up watch areas along the border, to include....the operation times and flight path of the one drone operated by USBP known as "Omaha 10." The Mexican Federalis' in-turn, passed the intel to their border Cartel operatives.
During that time (2007 to 2010), Homeland Security were under orders by the White House to downplay the numbers being reported by civilian border watch groups, and one evening near Sasabe Arizona, those numbers were in excess of an estimated 160 illegal aliens in a straight line, having just crossed the border....being observed on our "Eye-in-the-Sky" thermal imaging camera mounted on the back of my SUV approximately 25 feet in the air. (See Pics Below)
What Homeland Security (Washington D.C.) did not know, but later ate crow over...was the fact that I had a film production crew from Tucson and one from Ecuador filming the chaos (by USBP) agents and helicopters, causing the 160 plus to scatter....none apprehended by USBP. The excuses implied were that (WE) caused the group to scatter and that was countered when I showed a ranking USBP agent the following morning a segment video of the prior night....the scatter of the large group created by USBP themselves.
The agent was beside himself and blamed DHS Washington for the accusation (false flag). The thermal imaging (video) was clear evidence that Washington did not want the capture of 160 plus illegal aliens as being news worthy during the height of the illegal immigration stand-off with the Obama Administration, let alone a citizen's border watch group as the reporting party (RP).
Now, the media's strategy is to protect those illegally inside the country and to demonize President Trump for cleaning-up the Obama mess.
There are no easy answers and many lives will be affected, but just as it is a long term jail offense for anyone illegally entering Mexico, and most other countries in the southern hemisphere, the logic that it's "ok" to illegally enter the United States is NUTS !

Sheriff McDonnell Announces Hundreds of Arrests Made and Dozens Rescued by California Law Enforcement and the
Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force
During ‘Operation Reclaim and Rebuild’
In conjunction with Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Sheriff Jim McDonnell announced details and results from the third annual ‘Operation Reclaim and Rebuild’ enforcement operation, conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force and more than 30 participating federal state and local law enforcement agencies, and task forces from across California.  The three-day, statewide effort aimed at combatting human trafficking took place between Thursday, January 26, and Saturday, January 28, 2017, was conducted in various mediums and met with positive results.
The press conference was held Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at the iconic Hall of Justice in downtown Los Angeles.  Sheriff McDonnell was joined by District Attorney Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office; Deputy Chief Justin Eisenberg, Chief of Detectives, Los Angeles Police Department; Special Agent In Charge Joseph Macias, Homeland Security Investigations Los Angeles; Executive Director Kay Buck, Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST); Human Trafficking Bureau Captain Chris Marks, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department; representatives from 15 the 30 participating federal, state and local law enforcement agencies; and representatives from public and private service providers.
Operation Reclaim and Rebuild focused on rescuing victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking, providing victims with much-needed services, identifying and arresting their captors, seeking successful prosecutions, and disrupting the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting their customers.  Police agencies and other trafficking task forces throughout our state joined in the enforcement operation to send the clear message that California law enforcement shares a unified mandate:   Human trafficking must not be tolerated in our state!
In preparation for the event, an operational planning meeting took place in Los Angeles, with over 120 federal, state and municipal law enforcement detectives from all over California in attendance.  Investigators focused enforcement operations wherever the trafficking of human beings took place, from confronting the reality of sidewalk prostitution by conducting “john” stings, to challenging the virtual reality of the cyber world where traffickers believe they can operate anonymously using the internet.  The internet has furnished a vast variety of opportunities for traffickers, but with the experience of specially-trained cyber detectives who posed as vulnerable teenagers and interacted with suspects on social media, traffickers and customers who were anxious to exploit found their plans foiled.
Minors encountered during enforcement efforts were cared for by personnel from various Department of Children and Family Services Agencies in each county.  In Los Angeles County, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) and Saving Innocence (SI) coordinated the emergency services response for victim care and collaborated with similar, non-governmental victim service organizations throughout the state.
Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was widely successful in its endeavor with 28 commercially, sexually-exploited children and 27 adult victims being recovered; 142 males arrested for the charge of Solicitation; and 36 males arrested for pimping.  In total, 474 arrests were made.
As Sheriff McDonnell relayed the mission, efforts and results of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild, he pointedly addressed the traffickers and johns who conduct their illegal business in Los Angeles County and the state of California, and reminded them of the gravity of their crimes and the prosecution to accompany their actions when discovered.  Next, the Sheriff directly addressed the victims, “You are worthy of more.  And we will work tirelessly with our partners…to provide you services and help you rebuild your life.”
“It is our job in law enforcement to protect children – all children – especially those who have fallen prey to adults who seek to profit from their bodies,” Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said.  “We will not tolerate the sexual exploitation of children by anyone, not the sex traffickers and not the people who pay to sexually assault them.”
Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent in Charge Joseph Macias also spoke at the event said, “Our goal in this unprecedented collaborative enforcement effort was two-fold.”
“First, to provide vital services to any sex trafficking victims we encountered, so they can begin to reclaim and rebuild their lives,” he said.  “Second, to start the process to reclaim and rebuild the neighborhoods that have been degraded by organized prostitution schemes which not only exploit the vulnerable, but also often draw other criminal enterprises into the area.”
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind the public of the dangers of posting “nude selfies”.  To access the letter from Sheriff Jim McDonnell on posting “nude selfies”, please visit   

From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Airline Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727 & First Officer DC-10), U.S. Army Veteran Sergeant, Law Enforcement Background. Political Analyst  and Activist to help "Make America Great Again. 
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.

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