Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Black Lives Matter Kindergarten Teacher Screams It’s Time Start Killing People [VIDEO]

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Disabled Politician Speaks Out Against Abortion: “People Like Me” are Facing Extinction

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Security Officer in Denver Murdered by Muslim Jihadist

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Promised Tax Cuts: Where Are They? [VIDEO]
Europe Plagued by Gangster Islam – America is Next [VIDEO]
UN May Begin To Treat Religious Freedoms As Privileges Rather Than Rights
Paris Agreement Relied on Fake News: No Surprise [MUST SEE!]
Katie Couric Unknowingly Admits Embryos Are Human while Trying to Push an LGBT Agenda
Are You Ready for a New Carbon Tax?
One Christian Flag Is Lowered And One Hundred Took Its Place
Democrats Turn to Smoke and Mirrors to “Fix” the Economy

Brit Leader Nigel Farage Defends Donald Trump, Blasts the European Union’s Hypocrisy
5 Signs America may be Headed To War
Surprise! Guess who’s Funding the Anti-Trump Lawsuits?
Where do things Stand with Trump’s Refugee Order?
Climate Scientists Fudged Data to Mislead Politicians and the Public!
Socialist Fight Club Promises to “Bash the Fash”
Liberty or Open Borders – You Can’t Have Both
News You Can Use for February 7, 2017
Popular Liberal Author says “Trump Won,” it’s Time to Move On
Underground Conservatives: Democrats Encourage Violence Forcing Conservatives to Hide
Pelosi Tells Adopted Woman Her Mother Should Have Had Choice to Abort Her
What Does Judge Gorsuch’s Church believe about Climate Change, Abortion, and Homosexuality?
Why did Mitch McConnell Undermine Trump on the Clinton News Network? [VIDEO]
The Slavery Story the Left Doesn’t Want You To Know
How Can a Judge Raise Himself Above the President?
Was Trump’s Immigration Ban Unconstitutional?
Why Liberty Cannot take Political Sides

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