Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem - Please Forward!

Jerusalem has lived in the hearts and prayers of the Jewish people for more than 3000 years. Today, the capital Israel thrives under the care of the Jewish people, and ALL PEOPLE are welcome in this spiritual center of the world.
This petition seeks to guarantee permanent Israeli control of a united Jerusalem, which ensures open access to all peoples and religions.
Now is the time to finally move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Thank you for helping to preserve Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

Let’s Reach 1 Million on this Petition Supporting Jerusalem.

STEP 1: Sign the petition (if you haven’t done so already).
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STEP 2: FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your family and friends. Ask them to sign.
STEP 3: Get the word out on social media by sharing this petition with your family and friends (let’s reach our goal together).
Let's speak out in unity to keep Jerusalem united under Israeli control. Let's make sure that the US finally moves its embassy to Jerusalem.
Sign the Petition to Keep Jerusalem United today!

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