Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Obama Hoped to Use Islamic State as Leverage against Assad, John Kerry Reveals

Well before Russia’s military came to Bashar Assad’s aid in Syria, the Obama administration calculated that the Islamic State’s expansion in the region would force the Syrian president into negotiating with Washington, according to private comments Secretary of State John F. Kerry made last fall. Leaked audio captures Mr. Kerry’s closed-door discussion with Syrian activists on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in late September. Although some details of the meeting have been ... Read More

Rex Tillerson Says Russia Poses
‘Problem’, Vows Consistent U.S. Leadership

Rex Tillerson Says Russia Poses ‘Problem’, Vows Consistent U.S. Leadership

Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson will promise a new era of American leadership in the international stage Wednesday, saying in his confirmation hearing that the U.S. is the only superpower capable of shaping the world for good — but cautioning the country needs to better understand how and when to flex its muscle. ... Read More

New Bill Puts Health Care Funds in Individuals’ Hands

Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., has introduced a bill in the House that, if passed, will allow individuals to decide how they want their health care funds to be spent, without the influence of the government or health insurance providers. Brat said that the health savings account legislation is a way for lawmakers to prove to the American people that they have a plan to replace Obamacare after repealing it. ... Read More

Slain DNC
Staffer's Father Doubts WikiLeaks Link

Slain DNC Staffer's Father Doubts WikiLeaks Link

Six months after a Democratic National Committee staffer was gunned down on a Washington, D.C., street, suspicion that he may have been the source who passed incriminating DNC emails on to WikiLeaks persists despite his own father's strong doubts. Seth Rich, who was killed July 10 and would have turned 28 earlier this month, worked as a DNC data analyst and had recently built a database for spurring voter turnout. Despite speculation -- fueled by WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange's own cryptic comments -- that he may have provided some of the emails that rocked the 2016 presidential election, Rich's father ... Read More

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