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Bully, Bash And Burn
The constant discrediting and bullying of patriot Americans by social progressives on the left aided by corporate owned media must be confronted. The bash and smear campaign by progressives to label all Trump supporters as alt-right, white supremacists cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

The left's self-loathing and insecurity over their morally bankrupt radical ideology, that has been rejected by the heretofore silent majority, has them lashing out, with even louder lies and spouting politically correct hypocrisy as they foment hate for Trump voters.

The left's PC double standard rules, apparently allows the left to hate, and indeed call it righteous hate, as long as their vile verbal assaults are aimed at white Trump supporters.

This self-centered bullying and name calling by Hollywood, media and politicians directed at moral minded, law abiding citizens, must be called out for what it truly is; a seditious movement against our Republic and its constitutional based values. 
Why do they think that their snarky comments and insulting harassment, constantly blaring out all over cable television programming, appeals to the majority of Americans?

The left does not hold itself accountable to any values, as their own tolerance is a mutable concept that is willing to exploit everything and anything that opposes their view. 

 Between disrespectful bashing of our country and puerile exaggerated vitriol targeted predominantly at conservatives, the left's media echo chamber blasts smug and sarcastic sophism ad nauseam.  

How can the progressive left claim to be a group that embraces diversity yet universally shows contempt, ill-tempered intolerance, snippy provocation and dismissive exclusion to all that hold a different worldview?  No, Americans don't see diversity from progressives, we see instead, unanimous snobbery by seditious narcissists without any moral compass.
History teaches that whether it starts from the far right or the far left, extremism and radicalism is the enemy of the people and a weapon for those seeking authoritarian control. The progressive infused liberal party of the Democrats, seek to control every aspect of societal behavior under the guise of being inclusive, to the point of making a simple trip to a public restroom a political watershed moment.

The irony of course is that while progressives demand a natural and organic return to everything from food to fuel in our society, they seek in the same breath, to deny the existence of chromosomes in our human cells to be the determining factor of our gender. 
The left has practiced hypocrisy for so long, they has become immune and ignorant to the legitimate meaning of ideas such as allegiance, indivisibility and justice for all. Instead, they pledge themselves to a morally bankrupt atheistic form of socialism that is unworkable on paper, and has proven itself a failure every time it has been imposed on people in countries throughout the world. 
Yet, the whining of social progressives for more elitist's central authority isn't the scary threat.

The bullying by loud mouthed activists standing on the street corner equally is not to be feared. The celebrities protesting a lost election also isn't alarming. No, the left's paid patsies, pale in comparison to what should be fueling our anxiety over the progressive seditious movement.

The money, the cash, the donors, the financiers, the backroom backers all behind the scenes profiting from phony crony politics.

The real culprits are always in the shadows. The real traitors are always anonymous and with a secret agenda. The real threat always seems to come from those that fund a cause they care little about, in order to manipulate society into walking blindly into a corner with only one route to choose.

Globalists billionaires, international corporations and bankers are the financiers of political progressive sedition, not because they care a whit about societal conditions, but rather because they seek to control governments and legislatures all while denying that their agenda is to create oligarchies around the world.

The gullible believers caught in the progressive ideological cult, include youth, politicians and classroom theorists that have been fooled into thinking their causes are about a more equitable society, when the real agenda by their financiers, that pat them on the back and donate to their cause, have a far darker and rather simple desire. 

That desire is to control markets and governments, or simple power lust. The globalists want monopolistic control as much as ISIS wants a caliphate.

Supplying the agitators with both money and phony causes to protest on the street creates the appearance of chaos, the media then shouts the alarm about growing chaos which in turn activates a government to have justification to crackdown on chaos.

The only thing that grows and thrives in chaos, is government corruption. The easiest way to exploit people and make money is not by lobbying, but flat out, bribery.  

The level of corrupt and crony governments in the world grows.

Bribery and money flows routinely and seamlessly between corporate interests and political legislation that serves these elite interests solely, while scripting plausible lies to its citizens, as to reasons for the new laws.

The argument that America is exempt from this whole scale corruption was unmasked in part by Hillary Clinton's foundation and Obama's scandal ridden administration

The 2016 election exposed the Democrat Party as a progressive coven of conceited power brokers that care nothing for the Democrat voters they profess to represent. They unabashedly talk about a public face and a private face, when the truth is they have done an about face, by turning their backs on Middle Class American values and indulging on the caviar of moneyed interests.  

Those on the left, still carrying water for the Democrat party, must stare in the mirror and tell themselves to, grow up.

Stop pointing the finger at conservatives and realize that unlike you, conservatives are not blindly loyal to a corrupted GOP Party. Instead, patriot agitators (not street rioters) have been actively protesting against progressive policies, crony capitalism and Washington corruption for decades. 

Unlike progressive activists that hold up inane signs, chant divisive slogans and treat progressive ideology as a sacred religion, conservatives have systematically called, wrote letters, sent messages on social media to directly contact their representatives in Congress all while forming real patriot groups across the nation to restore representative integrity.

The election of Trump is our coup d'etat over establishment political lineage.
This 2016 vote was as much a vote against all establishment politicians espousing anti-American progressive ideas, against the exploitation of voters by politicians tethered to the corrupt campaign purse, against the seditious policies by Obama and his enablers in Washington. Against the globalists oligarchs that seek to regress freedom around the world.

Meanwhile, the progressive left are waging their post-election campaign by bullying those who take pride in their country.

Embarrassed at affiliating with liberalism yet?  

Progressive liberals are bashing the newly elected President before he has even been inaugurated.

Care to talk about fair-mindedness now?

Progressive liberals are burning down any bridges still standing, by further alienating and antagonizing, Democrat voters that chose Trump over Clinton, sovereign nation over global elitism and American values over progressive small minded sophism.

Calling Trump “Hitler” before he even takes office, making the unsubstantiated claim that Russia is the reason he won election, and expressing your disdain for millions of American voters that support his presidency, isn't a mature, intelligent or winning strategy to reclaim the Democrats that poured out their Koolaid and woke up. No, it is pure bully, bash and burn political treachery  and it is a truly a “basket of deplorable” behavior.   
The silent majority needs to remember and never discount the damage done by progressive policies.

From the lethargic economy that increased poverty to the divisive identity politics practiced by Obama's Democrats that has pitted women against men, minorities against whites, atheists against Christians and thuggery over law enforcement. The left's progressive legacy has been, regressive debauchery and seditious destruction of most of our American institutions.

 Americans must not allow the progressive Democrats, and the media, to re-write the real history of their party, again for the umpteenth time, and lionize the Obama legacy.

The Obama administration trickled down a disgracefully damaging disrespectful culture, of cause over means, politics over practical solutions, political passion over human compassion, political power over principles. 

Americans must shame social progressives and point out that under their leadership, intolerance of others exploded.

The average American understands that regardless of your individual feelings you don't display disrespect to millions by kneeling during the singing of the anthem, cursing at those paid to protect you against crime and burning the flag, our symbol of independence and freedom.
Americans must be stalwart against those seeking to upend their sense of morality and refuse to be intimidated by the left's political correct hypocrisy.

Americans, more than ever, need to trust their own eyes, ears, wallet and truth telling conscience, and rid themselves of the tribalism of identity politics.
Voters chose Trump because he wasn't in Pelosi's camp or Ryan's camp but instead in the only camp, that matters, the American camp.

We must ensure that the 45th President is helped to undo the damage done by the corrupt legacy of Obama's progressive alienation of Americans.
We must continue to push for the draining of the Washington swamp, we must remind Trump, and beat back those in Congress that want to thwart the new administration's quest to right our American ship.

Let us all stand proud around the bully, be immune to the seditious bash, and let's all resolve to help build a stronger nation, after the progressive burn.

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