Tuesday, January 10, 2017


FBI counter-terrorism officials warned in the summer of 2015 that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing official business on her home email system potentially compromised national security, according to new 300 pages of new evidence released late Sunday.... [Read more]

Trump will fix our infrastructure! Repairing roads, updating our airports and hospitals so that we are competitive at a global level. Sign this petition if you support Trump making America’s infrastructure great again![Sign Petition Here]

Obama’s complete disregard for peace and safety of America is incomprehensible and his continued accusations toward Russia has put the United States in danger. [Take Poll Here]

There’s certainly a ton of evidence to suggest that Barack Obama is disconnected from reality…even delusional.... [Read more]

The BackYard Scientist decided to recreate a MythBusters experiment to see how well a rocket knife cut.  The MythBusters video, included, cut a car clean in half.  The Back Yard Scientist’s experiment was a little less ambitious in scale but still pretty impressive.... [Read more]

Interesting to see Duetsche Bank attempting to quantify a new economic dimension. They also identify the construct of the two U.S. economies, Wall Street and Main Street, and present the following forward analysis:... [Read more]

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