Thursday, January 5, 2017


“Let me quote somebody who I suspect I will not often be quoting,” Sanders said while speaking about planned GOP changes to ObamaCare.... [Read more]

Trump will fix our infrastructure! Repairing roads, updating our airports and hospitals so that we are competitive at a global level. Sign this petition if you support Trump making America’s infrastructure great again!...        [Sign Petition Here]

Some sex offenders are taking drastic measures and asking to be castrated to prove they are fit for society. At least 15 repeat sex offenders in California alone have asked for surgical castration as a way of avoiding indefinite incarceration, according to the Los Angeles Times.... [Take Poll Here]

The top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer of New York, is promising to block one of President-elect Donald Trump’s first big initiatives — naming a ninth member to the Supreme Court.... [Read more]

Military reformers in the nation’s capital may have found a soul mate in a billionaire real estate magnate who takes a keen interest in what things cost, including big weapons systems.... [Read more]

“We would like to know where is the DOJ, @TheRevAl, the Civil Rights Movement and @CornellWBrooks to do his Sit In. #HateCrime”... [Read more]

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