Thursday, January 5, 2017


Fake News Alert: “Journalist” says “Make America Great Again” is “Deeply Encoded” Racism
Democrat Leader says Party will Only Work with Trump if “He Moves Completely In Our Direction And Abandons Republicans”
Was Trump Right About Most Illegal Aliens?
Atheist Liberals ask Trump to Exclude Bible In Inauguration
Black Lives Matter Supporters Live Stream themselves Torturing a Trump Supporter
74-Year-Old Grandma Wards Off Intruder with Handgun
What Can Trump do to Prove He’s Pro-Life?
Obamacare will Soon be Out, But What Will Take Its Place?

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Could the Next Leader of the Democrat Party be Anti-American and Pro-Muslim?
Alabama Supreme Court Does the Right Thing by Stating the Obvious
Arizona Church Launches National Campaign to “End Abortion Now” – Here’s How You Can Help
WWIII? Warlord President Obama Sends Special Ops to Russian Border
Waffle House Waitress Fired after Pulling Gun to Defend Herself and her Customers
Religion of “Peace”: Pakistani Man Charged with Hate Crime for Celebrating Christmas
U.N. Joins Anti-Israel BDS Movement Blacklists Companies Doing Business with Israeli Settlements!
Democrats Fear Monger on Obamacare Repeal, Warn People will be “Dying in the Streets”
10 Ways that President Trump Can Cut Waste
Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC Only Helps Fox
News You Can Use for January 5, 2016
George Washington DID NOT Say America Should Stay Out of Foreign Affairs
United Nations: Draining the Swamp, Cleaning the Stables and Changing the Culture
Obama’s War on Law Enforcement Results in More Dead Cops
Team Trump Ready to Build the Wall, but Will the GOP Support Him? [VIDEO]
Chicago: a Living (and Dying) Monument to The Failure of Gun Restrictions

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