Monday, January 2, 2017


For once, Hillary was right. The US’s involvement in Syria under Obama is nothing short of a nightmare....   [Read more]

Our cities have become hotspots for crime. By Donald Trump creating a task force to spearhead these issues with federal aid and training we would see crime rates improve overall. Families of communities should feel safe.... [Sign Petition Here]

Beyond losing the election many of Hillary’s supporters have jumped ship.  Almost on a daily basis, Hillary receives more bad news. Her poor decisions, lies and criminal behavior are catching up with her....              [Take Poll Here]

We have heard all sorts of excuses for why Hillary Clinton lost the election..... [Read more]

In light of the sanctions announced this week against Russia... [Read More]

A convince store in New Mexico is under fire as residents call for it to remove dozens of controversial signs targeting President Obama, Muslims and African-Americans, several media outlets reported.... [Read more]

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