Monday, January 2, 2017


‘To Russia, With Love,’ Starring Barack Obama and the Democrat Party
Mexican Illegal Accused of Raping Child had been Deported 19 Times
LGBT Activist Attacks Christians for Using Rainbow in Christmas Display
Obama’s Terrific Tantrum
Proof the Media Lacks Credibility: Optimism about 2017 [VIDEO!]
NC Democrats Don’t Want Equal Say, They Want All Say
French President Warns against Nationalism Even Though No One’s Listening [VIDEO]
Republican Congressman Uses Logic, Infuriates Liberals and the Media

False Christian Preacher to Pray with Trump at Inauguration?
Donald Trump’s Impromptu New Year’s Eve Press Conference
Acting like a Liberal Democrat, Kim Jong Un Bans Christmas
Shock News: Hawaii still Hasn’t Verified Obama’s Birth Certificate
Proof that the “Moderate Rebels” in Syria are Jihadists
Religion of Peace? This Country was Hit by 4 Different Muslim Terrorist Attacks in December
Federal Judge Blocks Obama’s Unconstitutional Anti-Faith Abortion and Transgender Policies!
Poll Names Obama as “Most Admired” but Look Who’s #2
It’s Almost Over
News You Can Use for January 2, 2016
Latest Democrat Excuse For 2016 Defeat: They Were Just Too Bipartisan, “Nice”
Small Texas Town Under Attack Over Cross Display
Here’s to New Years Full of Amazing Grace
Transition of Power, Obama to Trump: F**K You
Let’s Clean-up our Language – in 2017!
Humility—a Great Goal for the New Year and Beyond
Common Sense and Decency go to War with Hollywood

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