Friday, January 6, 2017


The Chicago Hate Crime Liberals Deny As Black Teens Torture a White Kid for Days
Liberal Claims Trump’s Economic Policies are akin to “Creationism”
Proof John McCain is a RINO: Joe Biden tells him “Thank God You’re Here. I’m So Glad You Ran Again!”
Kerry Fails Again On Two State Solution In Palestine
Pot Happy California Worried about Raising Generation of Mentally Deficient Pot Heads
VP-elect Mike Pence tells Congress to “Get to Work,” Paul Ryan says “We Will Deliver”
Kentucky Principle Confesses to Stealing Nude Pictures of His Students
Closing the Christmas Season and Celebrating the Epiphany

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Healthcare and Hedonism
Should People Have Right to Work or be Forced to Join and Pay a Union?
Obama Spokesman Squirms when Asked Why No Anger for Years of China Hacking
Disgusting Crime No Surprise in Democrats Favorite City [VIDEO]
Shocking Justice as Racist Thugs Charged with Hate Crimes!
Iraq War Veteran Fights Off Muslim Gang who Attacked His Wife, Sends One to Hospital
Gun Sales Skyrocket, Hit Record High in 2016
Liberals Whine ‘Overwhelming Whiteness’ Is Holding Us Back In The Fight Against Global Warming
Nancy Pelosi Caught in Lie: Republicans Offered 9 Alternatives to Obamacare
Liberal Pundit says Racist Attack on White Man May Not be a “Hate Crime”
5 Hidden Taxes that You Didn’t Even Know You Were Paying
Obama’s Toothless Attack on Russia
News You Can Use for January 6, 2016
Fake News Alert: “Journalist” says “Make America Great Again” is “Deeply Encoded” Racism
Democrat Leader says Party will Only Work with Trump if “He Moves Completely In Our Direction And Abandons Republicans”
Was Trump Right About Most Illegal Aliens?
Glenn Greenwald: Washington Post Made Money with Fake News

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