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Bertrand Daily Report

Subject: The War On Trump Expanding

January 9th, 2017

As you may have noticed....there's an increase of activity that we must be aware of. I can see a trend among those that email me with updates and intel concerning matters that will affect us one way or another. Stuff happening is on the increase....

Listening to the Sunday edition of InfoWars....Alex Jones has been in contact with high level officials that want (us) to know what the globalist thugs are attempting to do and how the military (for the most part) would step-in if the Trump inauguration "goes south."

The military is aware of a coup that is underway in America to take-down the Trump inauguration by any means necessary. "If there appears to be a pending arrest of Donald Trump over fabricated Russian influence, the Obama Administration would like to tie with the "Espionage Act," the military is prepared to intervene as necessary to assure the presidency of Donald Trump(sic)."

The CIA and other U.S. operatives have a long history of interfering with elections overseas with the take-down of political America we are witnessing third world classic operations underway, but with a lot of interference from informed citizens.

Blaming Russia has now been tracked back to Obama's operatives to destroy Hillary Clinton in 2008 when the same operation we are seeing today against Trump was to be used against Hillary Clinton to assure an Obama win in 2008. (InfoWars)

The latest CIA report concerning Russia "hacking" is without substance and credibility, citing technical procedures used by Russia as evidence, when the obvious would not qualify as a technique that any professional spy agency would use. Absurd on top of absurd continues to grow as the Democrats push to de-legitimize a Trump win by using the CIA and DNI as their propaganda goons to justify a false flag against Russia, has not convinced Americans, or the world...of how corrupt and dangerous Hillary Clinton is and would have been for the world.

The globalists are absolutely pissed and they feel that they are still in control, but President Elect Trump is quite aware of what is happening and he and the Republican Party are going to hit the ground running on day one to "clean the swamp."

The globalist thugs are preparing for more havoc to blame on (not only) Trump, but gun  owners, 1st Amendment issues, and real news outlets....more false flag attacks, either encouraged for "copy cat" players, or well organized by rogue CIA/FBI operatives.

We only have 11 days left to the inauguration, and the globalists, both in the democrat and republican party (hello McCain and Graham), are not done and anything can happen soon.

Many career bureaucrats within the intelligence community and political framework are facing expulsion after Trump is sworn-in.

Obama and Hillary Clinton are prime for an arrest under National Security / Espionage Act violations and "War Crimes"....a staggering thought for them while all cards are going to be slapped on the poker table soon. Another reason the globalist / communists would throw America into a huge Civil War under Martial Law within 11 only find themselves arrested during a National Emergency.

However remote, but a plan that has been discussed....

The globalists have brought America down to third world status and it's going to take Trump and all of us to bring America back to a great nation of strength.

The communists and Islamic deviates in America must be removed or placed under arrest immediately.  They're worse than bed bugs on a couple's honeymoon and the "honeymoon transition" is nothing but dangerous.

Bombshell: Obama/DHS Preparing to Overturn Trump Election

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