Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

Trump's Cabinet Picks Upsetting Many Due To Ignorance

Commentary by Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

December 28th, 2016

Friends and Associates:

The cry babies are loud and clear on the "Progressive Left " in their attempt to suggest President Elect Trump is actually a "Globalist" because of those he has picked as his Cabinet Members.

Oath Keeper's NAVY JACK explains the simple fact (below), "Globalists are open-borders, get everyone addicted to welfare, TPP/EU loving fascist, corporatists. Trump is a Capitalist and a Nationalist. You can’t be a Globalist if you are a Capitalist or a Nationalist. Trump is fighting the Globalist agenda tooth and nail."

Trump's Cabinet picks are for the betterment of America's economy and for successful dealings around the world.

You can't have political hacks negotiating deals around the world. We've seen how a "community organizer" and his criminal Secretary of State, turned this world on it's tail while at the same time, apologizing to other countries for America's misdeeds. Obama's misdeeds (and George W. Bush) were influenced by countries that DO NOT have our best interest in-mind. Globalists are deceptive and dangerous...  

Trump will do everything he can, with the help of his cabinet members, to re-unite Americans under a common theme of "jobs and prosperity," but the hold-out cry babies will dwell on their loss and rattle their cages with contempt and anger.

They have isolated themselves, but hoping to drag others into their cage where socialism has now been contained by true Americans.

This election was a wake-up call for most Americans that now see, the "popular vote" was NOT the way to vote for a president for the simple reason....California, a very strong population of mostly socialists and illegal aliens, always voting as Democrats. The population size of California could easily and always decide the popular vote ! Rhode Island wouldn't have a chance under a "popular vote."

California, led by dictator Jerry Brown, didn't get their communist queen elected, therefore...the Pelosi cry babies want a CALEXIT with Mexico, another socialist country that is now trying hard to encourage a California exit from our Republic. On top of that....China has their eye on CALEXIT and proposing a major oil deal for Mexico and California in the event thereof. China has already bought-up Hollywood and dictating to America their censorship tactics for "fake news."

The globalists can prosper with a strong America, if THEY stop with their deceptive plans / agendas to monopolize all resources and complete control of populations., while creating wars as their solution for the objective(s). 

Obviously....that is NOT what they want and will not give-up their plans for world control (by a handful of families).

monkeyjones 26 December, 2016, 15:33
Do you honestly think Trump shares your beliefs? Look at his cabinet. He’s the same leader we’ve had for 50 years – a globalist. Disappointed in you guys for this blind belief in the charlatan Trump.

Navy Jack Author 27 December, 2016, 13:30

MonkeyJones has a valid concern regarding some of the picks being made by Trump. John Bolton (Deputy State) and Peter Thiel (transition advisor) are the two that stand out in my view. Neither have been selected for top spots, but appear to be in positions to bridge the transition from the NEOCON/Globalist agenda to a Nationalist agenda. Most of the other picks, while wealthy, are not Globalists. I am confident in Gen. Mattis, Gen. Kelly and Gen. Flynn. None are Globalists. The only people calling Rex Tillerson (State) a globalist are NEOCON Globalists. This smacks of fake news. I’ve looked into Tillerson’s background. He is a self-made man. He is a deal maker. His deals always seem to find ways to pour money back to his shareholders and to Texas. I think he is actually a Nationalist that can get things done with other countries. Steve Mnuchin (Treasury) is someone that knows how to manage debt on a massive scale. The US has debt on a massive scale. He is from Goldman Sachs, but he never was a top player there (his highest position was CIO). He wants to rollback Dodd-Frank and fix the Glass-Steagall issue. These are not Globalist positions. My gut says he will be OK also.

I know Sylvester Stallone was offered the top position with the National Endowment of the Arts and that he is a gun-control advocate. People right here at Oath Keepers railed about it for weeks as proof Trump was a fraud. How ridiculous. He was not being offered the job as head of the BATFE and would have been in no position to advocate for gun-control, but those who just want to find fault with Trump decided this was all the proof they needed. Stallone turned the job down and now all I hear is crickets from those who criticized Trump for even considering him.

To sum this up; be patient. You are not going to like everything Trump does or doesn’t do. He is not a Globalist. Anyone that says this does not know what a Globalists is. Globalists are open-borders, get everyone addicted to welfare, TPP/EU loving fascist, corporatists. Trump is a Capitalist and a Nationalist. You can’t be a Globalist if you are a Capitalist or a Nationalist. Trump is fighting the Globalist agenda tooth and nail. If you do not realize this, it is time for you to find new sources of information. He will win some battles and lose some battles. He was not the choice of the Globalists for US President. This conspiracy theory is pure hokum with no basis whatsoever. Complete and utter baloney. What you need to focus on is who he picks for judges, especially the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. If he picks originalists, we have a real chance to start moving our country back in the right direction. If he doesn’t, he is a fraud. The rest is window dressing.

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