Wednesday, December 28, 2016


American Universities Teaching Hate, It’s Not Just for Terrorists Anymore
Should Business Owners Be Held Responsible for Consequences of Their Gun-Free Zones?
Putin Continues to Hammer Democrats, Says they’ve “Forgotten the Original Meaning” of their Own Name!
Pennsylvania Court Rules that Man Can Marry His Son
Why Didn’t Hawaii Officials Verify Obama’s Birth Certificate Presented by White House?
More than Half of Terrorists Prosecuted in the USA NOT Born Here
Consumer Confidence Climbs to Highest Since 2003! [VIDEO]
The Obama’s Argue that they’ve made America “More Respected” around the World

White Genocide Professor Defenders Say Critics Are Racists [VIDEO]
Mall Violence Sign of Decayed America
Drexel Prof. Tweet A Call For White Genocide?
Refugee Admissions Surge 86% as Obama Rushes Muslim Refugees in Before Trump Inauguration
California’s Secession Movement Picks Up Steam in Wake of Trump Victory
Liberal Magazine’s List of “Worst Leaders” Includes Hitler, the Devil, and Ronald Reagan
American Jews Enabling Obama’s Policies are to Blame for the UN’s Anti-Israel Vote
University Erects Statue Honoring Notorious Cop Killer
The Left’s Relentless Push to Force the Homosexual Agenda
Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Short-List Sure Looks Good
History’s Bargain Bin
News You Can Use for December 28, 2016
Liberal Professor Tweets “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”!
Obama Bans Many Senior Citizens & Others from Buying Guns
Democrat Arrogance Continues; Obama Says He Would Have Beat Trump [VIDEO]
MTV Faces Backlash for Racist “White Guys” Video; Now They’re Backtracking
Two Ways Trump Can Reshape & Restore Judicial System

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