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Pope Francis Cites Bad Science for His Agenda; Overlooks History, Says Scientist
Whether it’s global warming or evolution, both views are debatable and opposed to each other says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician. With a degree in chemistry, he cites the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that the energy systems of the universe run down unless acted upon by an outside force.
If the world exploded off the sun and cooled down over eons, how did it get all the ingredients to beget life and now start heating up? But in 40 years, it has only increased .15-20 degree/decade (
And for this crisis, the pope comes to the US and UN to sell his idea: closing business on Sunday for “family values” with a hidden agenda--everyone can attend church to receive the Eucharist! (Laudato Si’, par. 236,237) Evangelicals, eager to fill their churches, miss seeing a problem with congress respecting a religious institution.
The pope is the head of the “mother church,” but the Bible calls it the “Mother of Harlots and Abominations” (search any online concordance) with numerous clues in Revelation 17 that can only fit Rome (seven hills, etc).
The Holy Roman Empire came to an end when Napoleon took the pope prisoner, but since then, the Vatican (a word that means divining serpent in Latin) has strategized to regain its lost supremacy when Guttenberg’s Bible,  Martin Luther and the discovery of a New World combined to bring freedom from torture and martyrdom.
After hundreds of years of colonizing, the US was a bright and rising nation of Protestants that kept Rome out of government while every nation to our south was ruled by the church. Ruhling tells of a summer in Colombia where he witnessed a town meeting with priest and bishop. They decided if a missionary could hold meetings of a religious nature. That was 1960 when nearly half the country couldn’t read or write. Ignorance favors oppression and false ideologies like Communism that also flourishes in Latin (Catholic) America.
Facing the development of a great Protestant nation, Jesuits strategized to divide our nation and slavery was the first issue. The pope was the only foreign entity to recognize the ‘illustrious Jefferson Davis’ as ‘President of the Confederate States of America.’ 
Roman Catholic Roger Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court gave his verdict that the Negro has no rights that the white man is bound to respect re Dred Scott. (Wikipedia) God raised up a liberator, but Lincoln paid with his life as predicted by Charles Chiniquy in his book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome. (pdf online)
When one strategy fails, the Vatican comes up with another. Alberto Rivera, a converted Jesuit priest cites the concordat that the pope signed with Hitler that would’ve made the world Catholic when he won World War II. Europe fell like dominoes and England was on its knees when God said “no” with America entering the war. Franco (head of Spain) said “Hitler, son of the Catholic Church died while defending Christianity.” (Wikipedia)
After the war, President Truman tried to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican, but there was Protestant protest so that he couldn’t do it. But after Reagan took a bullet, he complied and opened our southern border. A friend asked a Catholic couple why they moved to Montana. They replied, “Because the priest told us to.”
Reagan also approved REX 84 for FEMA camps for illegal aliens, but now those who believe in Bible prophecy are considered “potential domestic terrorists” and probably fill those camps for screening under martial law that Obama prepared the way for. The CIA (‘Catholic Intelligence Agency’) is linked to such freedom threats, but the media (controlled by globalists) sneer at “conspiracy theory” in spite of a failed election for the globalists.
World events are bringing a crisis. The Chinese word for crisis includes two characters, danger and opportunity. It involves Rome’s UN strategy to rule the world that will be successful. The imagery of Revelation 17 shows the harlot riding the beast (it’s fitting that beasts represent governments, political powers). New World Order is the image beast (government) made in Revelation 13 as a look-alike to the previous Old World Order (papacy).
Early Americans believed the first beast in Revelation 13 was the papacy which they fled from the Old World. It’s described as an amalgamation of the beasts of Daniel 7 because each succeeding kingdom assimilated the characteristics of the previous empire. Rome was the dragon-like beast in Daniel 7, but the Protestant reformers all saw the little horn that grew out of it as the papacy, doing what Daniel 7 foretold.
What’s coming will bring a decision of destiny to every soul on the planet. Will we go along to get along with political and religious force that offers national ID cards as a precursor to embedded chips, and the inability to buy or sell without compliance to their system? It will invite the wrath of God and plagues. (Revelation14)
This is not against the sincere faith of any Christian, because God winks in times of ignorance, but commands all to repent in the time of judgment that’s impending. (Acts 17) All must stand individually as Daniel did in his book, recommended by Christ when asked about the end of the world.
‘Churchianity’ is so shallow with popular preaching of smooth messages little Bible. Eating a junk-food diet but taking a vitamin pill doesn’t help the body much, and it’s the same with the TV diet of crime, sex, violence and a sermon on Sunday.
Ruhling says, “It’s time we took our faith seriously and did some study because ‘Final Exams’ are coming.” He concludes by saying God has an alternate plan in the wedding parables that are misunderstood as a rapture. His book, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code has more information on Daniel, Revelation and the wedding parables and it has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon, and it’s free today, Dec 31, at
For an amazing look at history, the classic “Great Controversy” is free to online reading,

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