Saturday, December 31, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Hank

This is written by the guy who claims to have personally handed over the leaked (NOT hacked) emails that left Hillary looking like lying cheating fraud that she is. Like me, Craig sees that the very statements by US intel that accuse Russia are in fact proof that they are making it up.

It is also interesting to note that almost all of the consistently pro-Russian sites and authors are also anti-Obama. This means that those spiteful sniveling little neocons who have accused me of being a Russian spy are not making sense. After all, if being pro-Russian makes you a commie, then how is it that the pro-Russians are highly critical of Obama, who all good conservatives know is a low-life commie and always was one? They're trying to have it both ways. Don
I had promised myself and my family that on this holiday I would do nothing but relax. However events have overtaken my good intentions.I find myself in the unusual position of having twice been in a position to know directly that governments

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