Friday, December 30, 2016


The Top 30 Fake Hate Crimes Busted Since Election Day
Ted Cruz Destroys Obama and Kerry, Calls them “Bitter Clingers” and “Relentless Enemies of Israel”!
God’s Providence: the Barbary Pirates, Manifest Destiny, and the Louisiana Purchase
Should an Anatomical Girl Be Allowed in Boy Scouts?
Anti-Russia Republicans Side with Obama against Trump [VIDEO]
Obama Thinks He Could Have Beaten Trump
New Navy War Ship Named for Gun-Control Advocate
Obama is “Angry” at Israel and Trying to get “Revenge”

Republicans Push to Defund the U.N., Call Obama Foreign Policy “Reckless”
10 Lies John Kerry Told in Anti-Israel Speech
2nd Amendment Caucus Forms in Congress to Defend our Rights
Democrat Leader Promises to “Fight Trump Every Inch of the Way”
Liberal California Court Undermines Gun Rights… Again
Russia Rejects John Kerry’s Attempts to “Fix” the Middle East Obama’s Way
Which State is the “Most Free” Economically and which State is the Least Free?
The U.N.’s Attack on Israel
News You Can Use for December 30, 2016
George Soros in Panic Mode, Calls Trump ‘Con Artist’ and “Dictator”
California Moving to Give More Rights to Illegal Aliens Than to American Citizens
Israel Defies Obama and the United Nations
Should Americans Support Leaving UN?
Planned Parenthood Paid More for Fewer Facilities
Delusional Democrat Leader says Democrats Lost because they were “Too Nice”
Is Israel Democratic?
Liberal Pundit says Obama Will be Remembered as “One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents Ever”!

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