Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Caught On Video: Hillary Jokes About Wanting To See Man's Penis With Child Molester

On no... we're not making it up, and Hillary doesn't want this getting out after the Trump "locker room talk" controversy. Talk about being a hypocrite. Duplicity, thy name is Hillary Clinton. Be sure to share this one far and wide...

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Last Chance To Destroy Hillary?

If these allegations are true, they could sink Hillary Clinton's candidacy.  That's why the media is covering-up this shocking story; but if people simply pay attention to it an take action, they might be able to effect a quantum change in what happens in the immediate future...

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More Reasons To Arrest Hillary?

We fund them... they fund ISIS... These emails also reveal business deals and partnerships that the Clinton's and their foundations and business partnerships had were ridden with scandal, bring into question her viability as a candidate and create a strong foundation for her to be arrested...

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Bill Clinton's Alleged Illegitimate Son Breaks His Silence

Danney Williams has been asking for a DNA test from Bill Clinton for decades. The Clintons claimed there was a DNA test which disproved Bill was the father, but it was later reported there was never a test...

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