Tuesday, October 11, 2016


BREAKING.....Attention Donald Trump and Trump Team:   Are you going to contact ICE regarding this information? These individuals Citizenship that was approved illegally should be revoked.  See the link below and also the requirement for Citizenship Through Naturalization copied from the Homeland Security Website.  This action by Obama should have been Stopped by our Congress And ICE and it should have been voted on to revoke these individuals' citizenship.  Why wasn't this action questioned and revoked?  These actions by Obama is outrageous, to say the least and yes, again he has defied our Constitution and the our laws, for he thinks he is above the Law......These type of actions must be legally handled.  Please note and e-mail address in CC for ICE, Homeland Security......FOIA.OIG@OIG.DHS.GOV     If the rules were changed for these individuals then all ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE AUTOMATIC CITIZENS.......SO WHAT ACTIONS ARE BEING TAKEN?   God Bless our America.    Suzanne
BREAKING VIDEO : ICE Officials Just Revealed to Donald Trump that Obama is Allowing Illegals to Vote  http://truthfeed.com/breaking-video-ice-officials-just-revealed-to-donald-trump-that-obama-is-allowing-illegals-to-vote/28065/
Citizenship Through Naturalization   Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). For more information, see USCIS Policy Manual Citizenship and Naturalization Guidance.   http://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12.html

BJ3: and a couple of days before the above, Trump  let out with this...ahead of the curve again...
From: Kirk MacKenzie
Trump claims US gov't is letting undocumented immigrants vote

From: Kirk MacKenzie ...Hillary Clinton wants more refugees 

From: Dave Hollenbeck  
From: Joe and Pam Betta
From a Conservative woman for Trump: Amen, I don't need a saint in the White House but rather someone who loves America and wants to make a better place for his and our children and grandchildren.  I'm voting for Trump, a job creator, an executive, a person who will shake up the status quo in D. C. I'm voting to protect the Supreme Court, to protect the Second Amendment, to secure our borders, to protect the American working man and working woman,to help male and female vets, to rebuild the military, to promote law and order, to secure our nation's secrets. I'm voting to save religious liberty and unborn boy and girl babies on Election Day.
From Barb, a wife, a mother, a grandmother of both boys and girls.   (no link)
Sher WRITES: Along with Kristol and Romney, Ryan has supported Hillary all along.  Absolutely true. Dozens of these weasels who are now jumping ship have been part of the Clinton financial cabal for years. They KNOW that the money train will come to a COMPLETE STOP, if Trump is elected, so they're only too happy to attempt to sink him now so that the cash continues to flow. The corruption pit is so deep that it infests not only both houses of Congress, but - as we've seen - the Supreme Court (viz John Roberts), the DOJ, FBI, DHS etc. Trump will clean them all out..............which explains why they're now jumping on him like hyenas on a wounded Wildebeest.  (no link)
BJ3: Even Democrats are not voting Democrat...See Video from Mike Cernovich
Our side has begun disrupting their rallies. This is a game changing. This is history.
Also see Young Democrats For Trump link          https://twitter.com/YoungDems4Trump
From: Sher ZieveFrom: victoria kateria hayes   From: Chuckolb
All-out effort to destroy Trump PROVES he’s not part of the establishment... NOT an insider...Trump movement has grown way beyond one man’s actions or words - NaturalNews.com... http://www.naturalnews.com/055583_Donald_Trump_political_outsider_presidential_election.html
From: sherzieve...Media: Trump’s Locker Room Talk more important than Hillary’s Crimes Against Humanity

Make sure to catch Lou Dobbs’ Commentary at 15:30
From: Sher Zieve   From: Dave Hollenbeck
Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Coordinating With Soros | The Daily Caller

BJ3: You can also add...Ben Stein, R. DeNiro, Dana Perino, B. Kristol, and some others.
From: Joan Swirsky...Actually, the entire fiasco has been a good thing for Mr. Trump, who now knows definitively who his enemies are on the Right. Like cockroaches being flushed out by a skilled exterminator, turncoats––like former NY Gov. George Pataki, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the appropriately named Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, phony conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, and among the most loyal allies of Barack Obama and Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, none other than Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan––are making one last desperate scramble, urging Trump to drop out of the race and hoping that his locker-room talk over a decade ago will finally destroy the man who single-handedly exposed and upset their cozy ole-boy-network." Joan Swirsky, October 9, 2016  (no link)

From: charlite...
This is important to send around!!! - More Americans should understand just how 'bought and paid for' the corrupt media peeps really are. The Obama-Clinton cartel owns 100s of them all over the country!
From Dave in AZ.  
From: Freedom Daily   
WIKILEAKS EXPOSES CORRUPT MEDIA: This List of Reporters Were Taking Marching Orders from Hillary...Julian Assange may have said that he didn't have an October Surprise planned for Hillary, but that doesn't mean that Wikileaks didn't have anything juicy to release on her. One of their new document drops makes it very, very clear that the media is taking their marching orders from Hillary Clintonhttp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/10/wikileaks-outs-corrupt-media-list-reporters-taking-marching-orders-hillary/

From: Sher Zieve...It's Hillary--not Russia--who is interfering with the elections...From: Dave Hollenbeck
Wikileaks Hillary Memo Shows Clinton Interfered With Republican Primary

From: Sher Zieve.....Missiles Fired From Yemen at U.S. Destroyer in Red Sea

New U.N. chief abandoned Mideast Christians to ISIS http://www.wnd.com/2016/10/new-u-n-chief-abandoned-mideast-christians-to-isis/?cat_orig=faith    Now Guterres, 67, has been rewarded for his good work by the same globalists who hold sway at the United Nations. He was promoted this week to the U.N.’s highest post, secretary general, replacing Ban Ki-moon.

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