Thursday, October 6, 2016


Female Superstar Claims Fling With Hillary Clinton

It's getting dirty out there. Recently, the supermarket tabloids have gone so far as to claim that Hillary deleted those now infamous emails, in part, because some of them make reference to her flings. However, while the rumors have circulated for years, this famous mega-star has actually been claiming herself, for years, that she had a fling with the former First Lady...

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Hillary Clinton Going To Jail

On Monday, the Obama Department of Justice sought to quietly drop charges against an international arms dealer, Marc Turi... the manwho knows where all the bodies are buried in regards to the Benghazi cover up and Hillary Clinton's email scandal... in exchange for his silence...

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Whatever Happened To These People Clinton Pardoned?

Here's a walk down memory lane... On his last day in office, Bill Clinton handed out presidential pardons to 140 people and the stench was so bad that people can still smell the stink in the air to this day. But what happened to some of these people? It might shock you to find out...

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Did George W. Bush Just Signal He's Voting For Hillary?

It has been rumored that George W. Bush’s father, brother and daughter will be supporting Hillary Clinton when it comes time to hit the polls next month. George W. Bush recently appeared in a TV ad alongside Hamilton Documentary and Broadway stars urging Americans to...

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