Thursday, October 6, 2016


From: sherzieve.....
Spectacular!  Thanks to Lyle....From: "Lyle Rapacki"...
As a proud “deplorable” I am sending along the below message from others in the same basket as I; the “Basket of Deplorable People.”  Deplorable and proud to be – 
Thanks Famous Hollywood Actors! ...Hollywood actors finally get their asses handed to them by voters fed up with their advice on elections.....

BJ3: As we and many of our contributors (OK, Louie?) have all said...Kaine’s Frequent Interruptions Annoyed Debate Watchers 
From: Sher.....What a horror show!...From: Charlite...Tim Kaine was UNBEARABLE!...From: damselnusa    RNC Releases Video: Tim Kaine Interrupts - All 72 Times!
From: blueislandbobsue...
The More the Merrier!!!!   God Bless our America.  Please pass on...From: "Nancy Battle" .....AMISH JUMP 'ON BOARD' WITH TRUMP
From: sherzieve    
From: charlite.....Elegant SNARK and world class SARCASM by one of my favorite journalists and commentators, Charles Hurt. He wraps up last night's boring comedy hour (and a half) in a talented and amusing presentation.
From: 🗽 Freedom's Back...MALKIN: Will Illegal Foreign Voters Steal the Election?  The militant immigration expansionist group Mi Familia Vota, connected with the SEIU, has ramped up its efforts in swing states to facilitate naturalization and registration of Latino voters who will promote the open-borders agenda at the polls.
From: Sher...WE ARE!   From: charlite..See 4 mjinute video in body of text. Thousands of recently arrived illegals signing up other Latinos in AZ in an all-out Clinton operation to beat Trump in Arizona!
5th generation AZ rancher: 'We're living in an occupied country' - [READ.WATCH]

BJ3: Well, the solution is simple, per total anal aperture-traitor DiCaprio (a fascist disgrace to all Italian Americans)..... fine them, jail them and.....?...
charlite.....Greatest financial fraud EVER perpetrated upon the population of the entire world. Forty years ago these same hoaxsters were hysterically calling for combating 'the coming Ice Age.' Whatever serves the NWO potentates' intense agenda to control Mankind is the tool they use at any given moment in time. In the 1970s it was Global FREEZING - now it's Global COOKING. When this fails, who knows what 'terrifying' shiny object they'll start selling next - - - - the enormous danger of 'Cosmic Dust'???- - - 'Lethal Gamma Rays' from Pluto??????? - [Thanks again to Sher Zieve.]...From: Sher     From: TechnocracyNews....
From: The Sovereignty Project ... Immigration tidal wave set to break records
United Nations trying to RIG U.S. election...Foreign global power brokers are so desperate to stop Donald Trump, the UN was just caught trying to interfere with our democracy! Learn why these foreigners are DEMANDING we elect Hillary Clinton -- and see if their slimy tactics could work.
From: Devvy.....Obama: America Must Surrender Sovereignty, Embrace One World Government

From: Frank P...Trump Told EMP Attack to be Used to Stop the Election
From: Sher Zieve...Most corrupt people ever?  From: Dave Hollenbeck
BREAKING BOMBSHELL!! Guccifer 2.0 has hacked the Clinton Foundation’s servers. TARP funds to bail out banks were funneled to Democrat PACS ]
From: sherzieve  
From: "John Rolls"
Controlled Demolition Coming, Not a Crash -Catherine Austin Fitts & Greg Hunter Video
From: sherzieve....
The most overtly corrupt government in history?...From: "John Rolls"
Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons
From: sherzieve...
The Haitians hate the Clintons.  Unlike Americans, they know Hill & Bill stole the donations for their earthquake from the Clinton Foundation...a foundation that's only for the Clintons personal use....From: charlite...Now that poor Haiti has been savaged all over again by this monster hurricane, the Clinton Money Machine will once again swing into motion...
Clintons 'Stole Billions from 2010 Haiti Earthquake Victims, Buying SILENCE
From: sherzieve...
For the UK it's goodbye EU...hello prosperity! ...From: "doug walk"
"British factories had their strongest month in more than two years in September, a survey showed, raising doubts about whether the central bank and finance ministry will announce more stimulus measures to offset the economic hit of the Brexit vote." (All they did was "GO AGAINST" the OWG cartel and they are WINNING)
[Americans need to remember this in November] 
Britain Sees Manufacturing Surge after Brexit - Conservative News

From: Sher Zieve...
Important read...From: John Rolls

BJ3: Can we all talk about it then?...California- No, You Can’t Show That Civil War Painting At A State Fair. It Has a Confederate Flag in It...

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