Monday, October 10, 2016


U.S. Media Silent as U.N. Security Council Accuses Obama of War Crimes

Today's Articles

Donald Trump: I’m going to Instruct My Attorney General to Look into Hillary Clinton’s Situation
CNN Caught on Video Coaching Alleged “Undecided” Voter Panel
Syrian Islamic Jihadists cut off Orphan Child’s Limb because He Tried to Obtain Food Selling Stolen Battery
Donald Trump: Do You Really Want Your Next President to be the Wife of a SERIAL RAPIST?
After This October Surprise, Donald Trump Only Has One Option Left: Expose The Clinton Crimes
Forcing Change Through Chaos And Conflict...Understanding the Dialectic
Surprise! Clinton Emails Go “Missing,” FBI Searching for Answers
Really, GOP? Falling for Alinsky Tactics...Again?
Dust Storm Saves Bus of Christian Converts from Muslim Terrorists
Obama’s State Department Spent $770 Million to Rebuild Cairo’s Sewage System, Renovate Mosques [video]
Survivors of Communism Speak at George Mason University
Once Again, Attempt to Regulate Abortion Struck Down
Shameless Democrats Call Florida Governor Scott Shameless
Voting Is a Duty to Preserve God’s Gift of Liberty
Next Dutch Prime Minister Front-Runner Geert Wilders Vows to Ban Qur’an, Close All Mosques [video]
DOJ Drops Case Against Arms Trafficker to Whom Obama and Hillary Authorized Weapons Transfers
No One Marches and Burns the Town Down When A White Man is Murdered

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