Monday, October 10, 2016


BJ3: And here Rob cites THE “Top Chop” of the night.
From: Rob E...Donald Trump: "Because you'd be in jail"

BJ3: Yep...if you have not seen it, you must...especially after last night’s debate...From: blueislandbobsue...I know that most of you have watched this video, but just sending it out for those who may not have seen it.  I was reminded of it on a YouTube site that I was on.  Refresher course for us.....yes the list goes on and on and on......Justice was never served on Hillary Clinton.  God Bless our America.
Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video
BJ3: Hey, Timmy was an easy sell-out too...the hypocrites...From: blueislandbobsue   From: Millie Karnop
BJ3: Great line, Joanie...From: Joan Swirsky
My latest article: Why Trump Will Prevail...“WE KNOW A DRAGON-SLAYER WHEN WE SEE ONE”  

TPATH Dwight Kehoe
Donald J Trump, Establishment’s Public Enemy #1 vs
From: sherzieve...
Correct, again.  And bear in mind, ALL the fake news stations..NBC, ABC, CBS, FNC etc. are reporting on almost nothing all weekend except "Trump must step down" and "this is the most despicable things we've ever heard" etc.  Dana Perino on Fox (one of the Bush plants at Fox) was literally gleeful at the Trump tape.  ALL of the former news stations are far Left globalist now.  I doubt Hannity and a few others ill survive at FOX much longer.  They are all out to destroy Trump and all-in with their efforts to do so.  We knew the Luciferian globalist cartel would do anything to stop Trump.  Now, we're seeing the real beginning of their campaign to do so.  Remember Daddy Bush saying with regards to his named New World Order..."We WILL be successful!"...From: charlite...From today's edition of RUTHFULLY YOURS. - [Superb wordcrafting! - i.e. 'addlepated' - 'togaed squishes of the right' -  - and more. Great piece here!].....
The Republican White Togas at Work for the Queen of Sleaze
BJ3: And even more American jobs lost...caused by her and her lefties...From: Jenny
WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Touts H-1B White-Collar Outsourcing Program

From: RCroyts.....The Obama Immigration Policy Timeline Wrecking Ball: Summary

From: Dave Hollenbeck... Leaked Monmouth U. polling memo: Democrats ‘despondent’; Hillary unpopular with minorities & Millennials, seen as a ‘lying harpy’
From: Dave Hollenbeck.....BOMBSHELL Racist Hillary Clinton Calls " Blacks, Muslims and Rom*** Never Do Wells " !!
From: Dave Hollenbeck...
Obama One Up’s Hillary, Goes FULL RACE BAIT, Says EVERY Trump Supporter is RACIST and This! 
BJ3: “Ah, that don’t mean nuttin’, that’s just Barack being Barry”

From: RCroyts.....
Yes, I am also thinking about Chuck Coleson, who became a solid Christian after water gate. So, where would any of us be without the forgiveness of Christ Jesus.
Drudge has tapes by LBJ, Obama, etc. about locker room talk. The Jeff Bezo, owner of the leftist Washington Post, will not hire Americans as open borders / cheap labor Mark Zuckerberg, Carly Fiorina, and most other elite millionaires / billionaires. Sad how Americans can be so easily manipulated by the media after so many years' awareness  that the media have been guilty of such overt partisanship. This election has broken the duopoly's gentleman's rule book of many decades in every way possible. 
FLASHBACK VIDEO: Presidents Being Colorful, Including Obama’s “B*tch Nigga Buy Your Own Damn Fries!”
From: Kirk MacKenzie     From: George    Date: October 7, 2016
Dear Friends,   Just in case you missed this commentary by Lou Dobbs a few months ago, here it is again. I think it should go down in history as one  of the most important an accurate assessments ever made about any presidential candidate. Think of this; Not many if any presidential candidates since the signing of our founding documents have pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, but Donald Trump surely has!!! He has risk it all and he may lose it!   Perfect? far from it!   Perfect personality? Not on your life!!   Superior understanding?  Probably not even close!!!! Leadership?  Like none other!!!  Like him or hate him he is in it for us! I pray that he makes it!!!!!!!!!!!! and you know, many people will not vote for him because they don’t like the way he parts his hair!! Here’s the video.
In New Cardinal Picks, Pope Francis Sidelines Conservatives, Promotes Progressives

BJ3: Just great!   From: Jenny...
Mom Sees Dog Throw Toddler Across Yard. She Runs Outside To Daughter. But What She Finds? CHILLS...

New U.N. chief abandoned Mideast Christians to ISIS
.....Now Guterres, 67, has been rewarded for his good work by the same globalists who hold sway at the United Nations. He was promoted this week to the U.N.’s highest post, secretary general, replacing Ban Ki-moon

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