Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Cliven Bundy Case: Defendants Accuse Govt of Altering BLM Video Evidence

Today's Articles

This Woman Accused of trying to Prostitute her 5-Month-Old Daughter Out for Meth
Obama Admin Proposes Plan for Americans to "Adopt" and "Sponsor" Muslim Immigration into the US
Judge Roy Moore Suspended for Upholding the Law
Russia Just Reneged on Agreement to Dispose of Weapons Grade Plutonium
Hungarians Tell European Union They Can Keep Their Muslims, Vote 98% AGAINST Forced Muslim Quotas For Their Country
After Peres, Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?
Chicago Schools are Broke and the Teachers Union Couldn’t Care Less
“Completely Unsustainable”: Obamacare Destroys Middle Class, Rising As Much as 67%. Just in 2017.
Guess Which Presidential Candidate’s Foundation Was Shut Down?
Virginia Man Convicted of Kidnapping for Helping Woman Escape Lesbian Ex
Of Course It’s Only “Tech Issues” Keeping Deutsche Bank Customers from Accessing Their Money
Is the US Ready to Arm America’s Islamic Enemies with Anti-Air Missiles?
Hillary Clinton: All Her Disastrous Leaked Audio Recordings (Actual Audio)
Industry Insider Warns: America Is A Tinderbox And Multiple Matches Could Set It On Fire: “We’ve Obviously Got A Major Financial Crisis Brewing”
Former Clinton Advisor: False Flags and Fake News Stories are Real
The Manipulated Destruction of American Freedom and Sovereignty
Libertarian Gary Johnson's STUNNINGLY STUPID Response To Obama's Assassinations Of American Citizens

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