Friday, October 7, 2016


New Emails Prove that Obama Administration was Handling the Clinton Email Scandal from the Beginning!

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Hillary Clinton Caught Cheating Her Way to the White House

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VA Scandal Gets More Money for VA and No Reform (SHOCK VIDEO)
President Obama Blames Climate Change (not Hillary) for War in Syria!
Catholic School Being Sued For Barring Same-Sex Date to Prom
European Union Demands that British Press NOT Tell Public when Terrorists are Muslim!
Obamacare Architect Blames Republicans for Obamacare’s Many Failures
Creationist Wins Lawsuit Against State of California
Former QB Terry Bradshaw “We Can’t Talk about Jesus” or We Get “Kicked Off the Desk”!
Unanimous? Mike Pence Destroyed Tim Kaine in the VP Debate
Uncovered Clinton Aide Email show Attacking Jewish-Americans
MUST SEE: Deep Government Corruption Revealed at Wells Fargo Hearing
Texas Takes Down Obama on Illegal Immigration!
Lived to Tell: Yazidi Woman Shares of Harrowing Escape from ISIS 
40 Percent of EEOC Complaints Last Year Came from Muslims Because of This
I Hate Racism
Trump asks… “What do you have to Lose?”
Today, October 7, 1780: Key Patriot Victory at King’s Mountain, SC
News You Can Use for October 7, 2016
Conservative Comedy Gold: Watch “Here’s the Thing” Tonight!
Why is Obama Spending $500 Million on Public Relations?
Hurricane Matthew, Climate Change and the Cult of Obama
Bill Clinton Agrees with Donald Trump about “CRAZY” Obamacare System!
Obama’s Gun Show: 27% Spike in Sales and 17 Straight Record Setting Months!
Libyan Arms Dealer Not Charged to Cover for Hillary Clinton [NEWS VIDEO]
Hungarian Leaders Claim: Put Pig Heads on Border Fences to Deter Muslim Refugees!
Donald Trump is America’s Only Hope

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