Sunday, October 2, 2016


University Blames Obamacare for Limiting Student Work Hours

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Republican Calls for Halt to Naturalization Until Government Proves it Checks Fingerprints

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Giving Away the Nuclear Farm to Iran

Should Trump “Get Low” in the Next Debate?
A Comparison of Scandals: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton
“Birth Of A Nation” Set To Make BLM The Next KKK
America First! When Clinton Talks Environmentalism
Hillary’s Oxymoron: More Jobs, Less Profits!
Wells Fargo CEO Taking Heat from Those who Set the Kitchen on Fire
Obama Secretly Lifted Iran Sanctions On the Same Day He Paid Hostage Ransom
Donald Trump’s Anger as a Force for Good
Authorities Send Tax Demand Letter to Dead Woman’s GRAVE
Trial of Georgia Man Accused of Murdering Son in Hot Car Begins
Mudslinging Hillary
The Hillary Clinton Hall of Shame
Today, October 2, 1780: Benedict Arnold Accomplice Hanged for Espionage
News You Can Use for October 2, 2016
19 Attorneys General Stand with Virginia School
Catholic Group Exposes Kaine’s Radical Roots
Here’s Evidence that Liberals are the Ones who Shame Women
Democrats’ Most Wanted Voters: Convicted Criminals
Mall Shooter Avoided Background Check by Stealing Gun
Hillary’s “Bimbo Eruption” Comment, Alicia Machado, and the 2016 Presidential Election
Trey Gowdy Shames Comey: This is “Not the FBI I Used to Work For”!
Senator Ted Cruz Praises Donald Trump Offers Any Help He Can
Obama Pretends To Care About Congress Overriding His Veto
21 Rapes, Gropes, and Affairs: The Bill Clinton Saga

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