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Note: Can’t believe it. One of THE worst things in the history of USA communications freedom has just happened...  and there’s barely a whimper of protest. It can’t be because people didn’t know...many of us have put the word out for weeks, if not more.  Let’s hear your comments for posting. “unfortunate” that these 4 state AG’s go to a BHO appointed judge to file their stay request, which he refuses. It is impossible that there was no other judge, anywhere, with whom these AGs could have filed.  And, of course, “congress” does nothing being in cahoots.

BJ3: “Right”, yet again...From: sherzieve  
From: "John Rolls"
Trump is Right: Immigration is Destroying America!
From: Sher Zieve...
WOW!  MUST watch...From: charlite...
Recommended by Sher, who writes: WOW! - Five minutes of TRUTH from one young Kuwaiti woman who liberated herself from ISLAM and is working for the Trump campaign. She explains why in this encouraging video...
From: Dave Hollenbeck
FEMALE-MUSLIM-Refugee Gives Jaw-Dropping Interview About Trump, Islam, Feminism (VIDEO

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From: charlite...DRUDGE REPORT: - Left's frantic mission - 'END TRUMP!'<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hi All,  Phillip Haney (DHS Whistle Blower), author of "See Something, Say Nothing" spoke at the Redlands Townhall meething this evening.  It was an eye-opener.  Helped me connect many dots about Sharia and the Muslim global takeover.  Did you know that after all that has happened with Muslim terrorism here and abroad, the Muslim Brotherhood is still not considered a terrorist organization by our "government"?
     Below is the popvox link to HR 3892.  Voting in Popvox is a simple way to let Congress know where you stand on the bills.  Setting up an account with Popvox is easy.  You just need input your email address and create a password to log into the system.  You can vote (to support or oppose) ALL HR and S bills.     
         Please click on  and vote to support HR 3892:  
Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015.....Expresses the sense of Congress that: (1) the Muslim Brotherhood has met the criteria for designation as a foreign terrorist organization, and (2) the Department of State should so designate it. Requires the State Department to report to Congress within 60 days whether the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria for foreign terrorist designation and, if not, which criteria have not been met. 

From: sherzieveMB with Obama the full out enabler...Thanks, again, to Lyle...
From: "Lyle Rapacki" ...
I thought you might be interested in the following post:
How the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to Take Control of America and Crush Israel

From:     SpecialReports:  Obama’s DHS detection of refugee fraud a shambles: Government report – Conservative Base 

BJ3:  Well, a judge refuses to hear the stay request re the internet. The repukes didn’t do beans and now the EPA creates a new business market (first-in make tons of dough) with new “climate change” regs on household appliances. 
Thank you repukes for doing nothing about anything...
From: sherzieve...
Folks, the politicians--both sides--aren't going to stop this.  How long will it take for the oppression to become so horrible that we--finally--rise up against it and our oppressors?  If it isn't soon--despite those who insist upon wearing their rose-colored glassed and singing "Lalalalala" as they fall over the cliff--the country is over...
From: "Technocracy News"

BJ3: The NYPD ashould boycott any UN activities, protests, etc. Better yet, boot the UN out of the states.
UN Calls American Police Officers ‘Racial Terrorists’

From: Kirk MacKenzie...Hillary’s Email Case Got Reopened And James Comey Asked For Immunity. Trey Gowdy Says Hell No. | Yes I'm Right.
From: Dave Hollenbeck...From: Savage...Endorsing Clinton costs newspapers subscribers...( Newspapers that have traditionally endorsed Republicans for president ...
From: Barb Sponaugle.....Americanism vs Globalism...
Entire article: Donald Trump embraces Americanism. Hillary Clinton embraces Globalism. Here’s the difference   theamericanconservative ...Welcome to 21st century America, where globalism has replaced patriotism as the civil religion of our corporate elites. As Thomas Jefferson reminded us, “Merchants have no country.”  What has this meant to the republic that was once the most self-sufficient and independent in all of history?
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From: "doug walk" ...
"Society complacently allows its children to be inducted into the Illuminati sex cult under the guise of “sex education.”  In Ontario, the sex ed curriculum was designed by a pedophile currently serving jail time. But one father, Steven Tourloukis, is taking action. Here is the speech he gave at a recent rally in Toronto."(Also happening all over the USA under the direction of the twisted degenerate pair, Obama/Clinton, when do the parents "WAKE UP" and take action)  ????
"Stop Sexualizing My Children" - Father Sues School Board - Conservative News
Obama's VA desecrating veteran corpses... They protected our nation and served us honorably. And now Barack Obama's administration is disrespecting their remains. See the most DISGUSTING story you've ever heard on Obama's disgraceful treatment of our nation's heroes.

From: EG Griffin...Obama says he has “ratified” the Paris Climate Accord (which is a treaty) and neither the US Senate (which is the only political entity that has the constitutional power to ratify a treaty) nor the media have called attention to the impossibility of his claim. Donald Trump believes global warming is a hoax and has said that he would cancel the Paris accord if he is elected. The Verge 2016 Sep 27

From: Frank P...Racism Goes Mainstream...

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