Monday, September 5, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Hank

Western media reproduced with glee words by Putin seeming to show him praising the communism of the old Soviet Union. A Neocon on a debating forum just sent me the quote from a media outlet. So I did a search in Russian and found the following. Don Hank

Vedomosti 1-25-16
This gets quoted a lot as a way of smearing Putin:
My Translation:

“I very much liked and still like communist and socialist ideas. If we look at the code of the builder of communism, which was widely printed and distributed in the Soviet Union, it is quite reminiscent of the Bible. This is no joke. It is actually a kind of excerpt from the Bible."
But the preceding paragraph says that Putin always treated these ideas cautiously, or in other words, with skepticism. Yet the Western Neocon press never tells us this.
«Мне очень нравились и до сих пор нравятся коммунистические и социалистические идеи. Если мы посмотрим кодекс строителя коммунизма, который широко тиражировался в Советском Союзе, то он очень напоминает Библию. Это не шутка, это такая выдержка из Библии на самом деле», - продолжил Путин.
And then this same article in Vedomosti shows that while Putin liked the ideas, which included equality and so on, he understood that these were never implemented in the Soviet Union. He also said the Tsarist regime did not deserve the bad rap it was given by the commies. In other words, he liked the ideas but hated the commies:
My Translation:
According to the President’s words, very good ideas are included in this Codex: equality, brotherhood, happiness. “But the practical embodiments of these excellent ideas were far from what the Utopian socialists laid out. Our country did not resemble a city of the sun” – he added. Putin recalled that everyone had blamed the Tsarist regime for repressions, but the building of the Soviet state started out with repressions.
По словам президента, в этом кодексе были зафиксированы очень хорошие идеи: равенство, братство, счастье. «Но практические воплощения этих замечательных идей в нашей стране были далеки от того, что излагали социалисты-утописты. Наша страна не была похожа на город Солнца», - добавил он. Путин напомнил, что все обвиняли царский режим в репрессиях, однако с массовых репрессий и началось строительство советского государства.

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