Monday, September 5, 2016


Cheryl Mills is the Smoking Gun in the Hillary Cover-Up

State Dept. has no Idea if Hillary Clinton received Security Training
Is the Clock Running out on the United States Devolves into an Armed Revolt?
This is how You Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem
Christian Militia Storms ISIS Occupied Village In Iraq And Liberates It From Terrorists
Obama Jeopardizes World Security with His Secret Iran Deal
Clinton’s Excuses Fall Outside the Realm of Plausible Deniability
Natural Rights and Man-Made Anti-Rights Part 3
Labor Day – Burgers, Brats and Bolshevism
This New Technology Can “See” Beneath The Ground Cover And May Soon Lead To Massive Gold Discoveries In America
The Media Is Out to CROWN the Worst Presidential Candidate… EVER
The Economic Hell That’s Been Left For Millennials (And Everyone Else)
NYT: Hillary Gave Donor Access in Return for Free Ride on Private Jet for Bill, FBI: Hillary Doesn’t Know what “Classified” Means
Only Rich Kids Who Paid $2,700 Can Ask A Question of Hillary Who “Stands Between You & the Apocalypse”
Is the Battle Over the Ten Commandments in Arkansas What Our Founders Had In Mind?
Orwellian: Feds Spend $500,000 to Tap "Extensive Tracking Infrastructure" to "Combat Online Trolling"
Lawyer for man accused of killing NY imam says murder “has to do somewhat with the mosque itself not particularly liking the imam”
Is there Another Snowden at the NSA?

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