Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Zero-for-Zero Beats False Info and Skewed Analysis Every Day Ending in “Y"

According to a report published last week by Crop Protection News, various candy manufacturers and sugar-substitute lobbyists recently teamed up and “accused the government of burdening taxpayers with extra tariffs” on sugar.

CPN reports that the Sweetener Users Association (SUA) claims U.S. sugar processors “defaulted on government loans (and) taxpayers were left holding the bag.”

But as CPN notes, there is “little or no evidence” to back up the SUA’s claim, and the bill the group references was actually passed in 2014, the year AFTER the supposed loan defaults occurred. 

The SUA accusations also failed to note that the problem in 2013 was due to Mexico unlawfully “dumping” cheap, government-subsidized sugar into the U.S. market in violation of established trade agreements.  That situation is being addressed and rectified.

The fact is the U.S. sugar program has cost taxpayers exactly…


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
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P.S.  The talking-head consensus on cable news was that Hillary Clinton won Monday night’s debate with Donald Trump.

But according to the Los Angeles Times daily tracking poll, Trump continues to lead Clinton by almost 4 points after the debate.

Two more Clinton “wins” like this should assure us of President Trump on November 8th!

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Congress wants to “Protect” Contact Lenses from Free Market Competition

(Beth Johnson | Libertarian Republic) – Once upon a time, contacts lens manufacturer Johnson & Johnson was on top of the world. To some extent, it still is — it still produces nearly 40 percent of the world’s contact lenses and makes a ton of money each year. But this is nothing compared to the company’s heyday, when it could price gouge its products and get away with it.

Unfortunately for the nation’s 41 million contact lens users, the good old days of exploiting contact lens customers might be coming back if the new Contact Lens Consumer Health Protection Act is passed into law. This legislation will strip consumers of their right to choose in an effort to further the financial interests of the billion-dollar medical lobby.

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