Thursday, September 29, 2016


From: Rob E...FCC Commissioner on Internet Oversight Switch: 'If You Cherish Free Expression,' 'You Should Be Worried,' This Is 'Irreversible' – Breitbart
From: Devvy....PLEASE act now: Congress Has Three Days to Stop Obama’s Internet Surrender...Everyone - get on the phone to your Congress critter - house and senator - today. Tell them to stop the criminal impostor in the White House from handing over our last tool for free speech, investigative journalism and truth telling. They CAN do this if millions flood their phones and fax machines. If you can't get through to the DC office call their district offices or fax. I know i sound like a broken record but those dogs get on the average 330,000 emails a month to their DC addresses. All you get are form responses.
Those cretins are all in session because of the budget drop dead date of 30 September. That's Friday, day after tomorrow.

From: sherzieve..
Burn up the phone lines to your lawmakers...NOW!
Alt Media Will Be Gone in 6 Months, Unless We Act Quickly (video) CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. We do not have to wait for Obama’s giveaway of the Internet to ICANN to bring about mass censorship of the Independent Media. The attacks are already commencing. This morning, I was banned from Facebook for posting a video about how my small community defeated the New World Order by...

BJ3: Yep, Sher is right...See for yourselves...and the ending is why it’s in this section...From: Sher Zieve...Gotta' watch!
Cruz Endorsement of Trump Marks The End of Glenn Beck and The Republican Establishment 

BJ3: Actually, not THAT unbelievable...From: sherzieve...
Obama would love to be in the background leading and directing the rioting.  OOPS!  That's right.  He already is from OUR White House!..From: "John Rolls"
Unbelievable: Obama Praises Black Lives Matter

Wow- The American People Just Named The Debate Winner Loud And Clear (Full polls below)

BJ3: FULL poll results start at about 3:15...From: Suzanne  From: Laura...
From: blueislandbobsue...
Diamond & Silk.....please pass on!!!  Worth listening too!!!!  God Bless our America...
Debate Night 2016 Diamond and Silk discuss
By Ann Coulter | Thursday, September 22, 2016...Our media and politicians are pretty quick to jump to the conclusion that terrorist attacks have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Trump is the only politician in 50 years to say, "Immigration security is national security." The voters are listening.
From: UR...don't mess with da sheriff
Sheriff Clarke takes down unruly passenger on flight ...'Intoxicated' black man berated pro-Trump lawman as 'not one of us'

BJ3: Other than their banker, accountant and related, of course...From: Rush...

When America Becomes South Africa
BJ3: How odd and yet she wants to tax them all MORE. Why are we smelling huge loop holes?
FBI in Free-Fall Collapse! Agents Ready to Mutiny! Comey Proven to be 'Elite Fixer'! Agency Plan   CONTRIBUTOR: MILLENNIUM Reporter. THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today. FBI In Free-Fall Collapse Under Comey’s Lack Of Leadership And Apparent Corruption Director Comey Suspected of Collusion With Clinton Crime Family Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost all credibility with its own agents and the American people The...

From: charlite...Michael Savage Reacts to Being Pulled From Radio Following Hillary Health Segment: ‘Pure Sabotage’
From: sherzieve  
From: "John Rolls"
NWO Plot Against USA: Actor Michael Moriarty | New World Order
BJ3: These lights are a dangerous waste...

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