Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MUTH'S TRUTHS 09/06/2016

Phyllis Schlafly: My Remembrance of a Conservative Giant

(by Richard Viguerie) - My longtime friend Phyllis Schlafly, who died yesterday at age 92, was one of the most influential conservatives who never held public office.

Mrs. Schlafly, known to her many friends and admirers as the First Lady of the Conservative Movement, she wrote some twenty books and her Eagle Forum issued hundreds of reports and monographs.

However, it was her 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo, written to promote the insurgent conservative candidacy of Senator Barry Goldwater, that became one of the seminal works of the modern conservative movement, and updated in a new Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, it is still in print today.

Phyllis paid her way through college by working in a World War II ammunition plant and later, while rearing her six children, she obtained her law degree.

While perhaps most widely known for her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, and the successful national campaign to stop its passage, through her books and columns Phyllis Schlafly led the conservative movement in the cultural, economic, judicial, national security arenas and in Republican Party organizing – she was the complete package, a true Renaissance Woman.


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Welcome to The Final Stretch.  Now that this year’s Labor Day Weekend is in the books, it’s time to get serious about the upcoming general election…

Citizen Outreach PAC has already endorsed brothel owner and independent “conservatarian” Dennis Hof in the Nevada Assembly District 36 race in November against tax-hiking incumbent Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson. 

To get an idea of exactly how big a pile of lying, back-stabbing RINO waste this “Selloutski” guy is, please visit www.TaxHiker.com.

On the other hand, Hof and I had lunch with Grover Norquist in Reno last Monday before Grover headed out to Burning Man.  And Dennis signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge with me and Grover as his witnesses.

For conservatives, this is gonna be THE hottest Nevada legislative race in the 2016 general election.  Believe me, you do NOT want to miss it…no matter where you live. 

And the #$&% is gonna start hitting the fan this week!

So go to www.DennisHof.com right now and sign up to get his campaign e-newsletter. 

Then "Follow" Dennis’ campaign on Twitter at https://twitter.com/electhof and “Like” his campaign on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/electhof/.

Then strap in and buckle up.  We’re goin’ RINO Huntin’!


“In more than 30 years as a Republican Party leader, I’ve learned one thing the hard way: Just because you have an ‘R’ after your name doesn’t make you a good guy, let alone a good conservative. Indeed, after Assemblyman James Oscarson double-crossed us on the margins tax last year, I have to say those strung-out meth-heads on street corners promising they’ll ‘Work for Food’ are more believable than one of his campaign promises.” – George Harris

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