Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Apartment Complex Management BANS the American Flag!

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Hillary Suffers Two More Massive Coughing Fits on Labor Day – How Sick is She?

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These Five States Will Have No Health Insurance Options in 2017

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Reuters News Cuts Off Bishop Jackson Blessing Donald Trump! [video]
Phyllis Schlafly Showed the Big Boys How to Fight like a Girl
Hillary Clinton’s Student Loan “Forgiveness” Plan is IMPOSSIBLE
Hillary Clinton will Limit Religious Freedom through Her Supreme Court Picks!
Did Hillary Threaten Russia with War?
Doesn’t Anyone Remember Hillary Voting to Build a Wall? Or Making Racist Comments About Mexicans? [video]
LGBT Rights will Destroy this Child and Others like Him
The State Department has NO IDEA if Hillary Clinton Completed Security Training!
Homeland Security Chief Delivers Speech to Terrorist Connected ISNA
Arctic Sea Challenge Finds Ice A Hindrance
Leftists Always Blame “White ‘Christian’ Terrorists” … But Ignore Non-White Terrorism!
Speeding: A Symptom of a Lawless America
Federal Reserve Redefines “Bank Robber” [VIDEO]
How Much Did Hillary Charge these Kids to Ask Her Questions?
Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Passes Away at 92
Super Tuesday Reminder: This is Hijrah [video]
Back to School: Here Are the Top 20 Colleges Where America’s Most Liberal Students Attend
Hillary’s Faulty Recall
Today, September 6, 1781: Benedict Arnold Orders New London, CT Burned to Ground
News You Can Use for September 6, 2016
Even More Clinton Classified Devices Lost
Trump Continues Appeal to Blacks, Race Baiters Continue to Wallow in Hate
Comedian Steve Martin Saw and Explained the Hillary Clinton FBI Interview Before it Even Happened!
Is Hillary Clinton Living in a Land of Forgetfulness?
Liberal Labor Day – Burgers, Brats and Bolshevism

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